Konyak Naga Woman

street style nagaland

street style nagaland
Ethiel Konyak. Konyak Naga. Fashion model. Has a marijuana leaf tattooed on her arm. Wants to get into politics. Lives in Kohima.

Photographed at the Hornbill Festival in December 2012.


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4 Responses to “Konyak Naga Woman”

  1. Anung LKR Says:

    Hi. I have never seen so much coverage of the north-east.Authentic is the word to describe them and I am a fan. It’ll be good to see some fashion from dimapur too!

  2. john konyak Says:

    I enjoy and appreciate your posts. Would be more glad to see the fashion’s growth in mixed — modern and traditional both.

  3. Hali Welly Says:

    SO beautiful ! would like get in touch for more updates on naga fashion just love the dresses and models.

  4. beaulahsvoboda Says:

    having a marijuana tattoo on her arm and getting into politics.. doesnt mix and match somewhow :/ but i love all your pics… says a lot

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