Konyak Naga Man

konyak naga street style india
Typical Konyak Man. Is wearing earrings made out of deer horn, necklace made out of tiger teeth and brass heads. Rows of heads, colour combination of threads, and motif on the jacket are typically Konyak. Konyak is also the only Naga tribe that weaves beads.

“Head-hunting — one of the prominent feature among the Konyak. The custom of killing enemy and bringing the head was indicative of courage and pride in the past. The belief among our forefathers was that there was some magical power in the human skull. In the past, a heroic reception was accorded to a warrior who entered the village with the captured head of the enemy. The skull was tied in the log drum and dance and merry-making continued throughout the night. The main importance of taking a head is not the glory of the war but the gain of the magical forces inherent in the skull. The hang-over from such practice is noticed even now. You will sometimes find a man wearing brass heads round his neck. This practice is now as extinct as the dodo in Mauritius.” Source

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival // Inputs from Mercy Tetseo

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