The Following | Street Style Bhutan

street style paro bhutan

street style paro bhutan
Old Bhutanese woman. Photographed on the main market street in ParoBhutan. 

It was getting dark and the only three people I stopped for photos had refused and I had nothing else to do so I decided to follow her just to see where she was going. We crossed through the entire Paro market stretch — she stopped thrice for a moment each time to greet people who recognised her. We crossed the taxi stand, my hotel, further off on an unfamiliar road. By now we’d been walking for about 20 minutes until she crossed the road for no apparent reason to me and then we were walking parallel to each other and then somehow I got ahead of her and she crossed the road back again and then she was walking behind me..

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3 Responses to “The Following | Street Style Bhutan”

  1. Glad Says:

    J adore votre blog!
    Intéressant et plein d’infos sur tout le style de l’Inde !

  2. dEstInEdnOmAd Says:

    she knew it! smart woman

  3. Bhavika Says:

    Haha! Curious about what happened next!

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