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street style 1950 india shillong fashion

A newly married Naga couple.
1954. Shillong, Meghalaya.


“This photo of newly married Obu and Azao is from 1954 in Shillong where Obu was posted as the Assistant Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

Azao (Mrs Metongla Aier) now nearing 92, was the first lady evangelist among the Ao Naga tribe.
Obu (late Mr Sashimeren Aier) was the first MA among the Nagas. He was also known as the Architect of Modern Nagaland.
Azao now lives in Shillong. They are my mom’s parents.”

— sent in by Sirawon


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3 Responses to “1954, Shillong | wearabout vintage”

  1. Kuheli Says:


  2. Hash Girnari Says:

    I was reading on Watsu Mungdang, Ao tribe contribution to Nagas has been immense. The above picture of the couple is beautiful and precious. Thank you Sirawon and Wearabout blog for sharing. Regards!

  3. Eunice Deshpande Says:

    Hi Sirawon.. Are you Nokdila’s daughter.
    I’m Eunice.. Nokdila used to hang out with my elder sisters.. Emi and Lucy in Risa in the 70s..
    Do give her my regards.

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