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1970s #Chandigarh // “That's my mom on the right with her elder sister Bonny standing in front of the High Court in Chandigarh. My dad designed the shirt my mom's wearing. There were no shops back then so they would peruse copies of Teen magazine that her other sister would send from the US. They used to get all their clothes stitched and would get on to a bus to go to CP in #Delhi to get their jeans stitched. It was the #70s and my folks and their friends were living the perfect life in a small town – nothing was fast paced and all their friends lived two minutes away and spent most of their time at one of their homes or riding around on their motorcycles in their bellbottoms and patchwork jackets. She’s never really put herself in to any fashion ‘box’ whether it was her clothes or her hair – it varied according to her mood. I guess that’s where I’ve learnt to be pretty happy in my skin.” — @kisjayenn #wearaboutvintage #punjab #india #1970s #style

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