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man with rickshaw | imphal

December 7, 2017

street fashion manipur northeast india

Man on street with rickshaw.


Imphal, Manipur.


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angami naga man | naga shawls

December 2, 2017

street fashion style nagaland angami naga

Naga Street Style. Man on street wearing an Angami Naga shawl.


Kohima, Nagaland.


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Tate | Aizawl

February 21, 2015

street fashion mizoram india

Tell me something about yourself.
I am pretty sure I am 5 feet tall. I was born and raised in Shillong and moved to Delhi for further studies. That’s when I realised how tiny I was. I like big curly hair, hiking, and Girls.

How would you describe your style?
I think I’m very laid back in my dressing, I got that from Shillong. People in Aizawl dress up a lot and I’m not really influenced by it.

What are you currently listening to?
Machu Picchu by The Strokes. Leave the Lights On by Meiko – Culture Code remix. Magic by Coldplay.

Aizawl, Mizoram. February 2013. 


January 25, 2015

fashion northeast india nagaland

Lozano likes orchids, teapots, long walks, and Céline. 

Are you materialistic?
I used to be.

How did you get interested in fashion?
Growing up I was surrounded by aunts and relatives who were always well dressed. They would go outside Nagaland just to shop. Living outside in cities was a rarity then but they’d go to the extents of getting the best of clothes, shoes, jewellery. When you are surrounded by so many beautiful people I think it gets rubbed off onto your personality as well.  I think our taste in fashion start developing early when we are exposed to beautiful mekhlas and chadors. At a young age, we are in tune with colours, mixing prints, blending attires. It’s like a part of our culture and tradition.

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood?
I remember I would chase dragon flies…climb up trees and dream I was floating.

How was your childhood like?
Lonely. I was very lonely as a child. And free. And I was hungry all the time. Lonely. But happy.

What are you currently listening to?
Red lights by Tiesto.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a simple girl who loves colours and vintage things.

December 2013. Kohima, Nagaland. 


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Angami Naga Women in Sunday Traditional

January 14, 2015

angami naga street style nagaland

Angami naga women in their 80s. Returning from church.

“She is very old. I am 81. I used to be a teacher. My husband was the third person to own a scooter in Dimapur.” — Khrieleni Terhuja(r)

January 2014. Dimapur, Nagaland. 

working class | kohima

December 30, 2014

street fashion working class

street fashion working class

Clothes seller at a flea market.

Kohima, Nagaland. December 2012.

Konyak Naga Men in Traditional Clothes

December 14, 2014

naga fashion street style nagaland

naga fashion street style nagaland

Konyak Naga Men.

“Tattoos on their faces signify that they have partaken in the practice of headhunting.”

December 2014. Hornbill Festival, Nagaland.

Sema Naga | Naga Shawls

December 14, 2014

naga shawls street style nagaland

Sema Naga man.

January 2013. Kohima, Nagaland.

Yimchunger Naga | Naga Shawls

December 14, 2014

naga shawl street style nagaland

Yimchunger Naga man.

December 2014. Hornbill Festival, Nagaland.

Young Chakhesang Naga Girl

December 8, 2014

chakhesang naga

street style india nagaland

Young Chakhesang Naga girl in traditional clothes.

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland. December 2014.

street style dimapur

December 6, 2014

street fashion nagaland

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street fashion nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street fashion nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

Photos from seconds market, supermarket, two weddings, streets, and a shoot.

Dimapur, January 2013.

Phom Naga

December 1, 2014

street style nagaland india

street style nagaland india

Phom Naga Men. Wearing tiger tooth necklace, armlets made of cane, and headgear made of bear hair, boar tusks, and ivory.

“One oral tradition of the Phoms states that their ancestors originated from stones..”

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival // Inputs from Ringo Oduyo

Men taking break from work | Meghalaya

July 17, 2014

street fashion men india
Men taking break from work.

January 2012, Meghalaya.


June 1, 2014

street fashion shillong india
Baia, 24. Photographer. Likes hanging out at Cafe Shillong.

Photographed in Laitumkhrah, Shillong in January 2014.

Chakhesang Naga | Naga Shawls

May 15, 2014

tetseo sisters fashion nagaland
Kuvelu Tetseo in Chi pi Khwu – the chief of chiefs’ shawl or the shawl of merit.

“Traditionally, it’s only to be worn by someone who has done something extraordinary or honorable.

In the old days, only a married couple who held the feast of merit for the entire village could wear this shawl. The rows of patterns are added in batches after consecutive feasts, and the embroidery on each set of patterns is stitched within a day before the sunset.

We wear it during our performances when we are representing our state or tribe. It generates curiosity and works as a conversation starter.”

Inputs from Mercy Tetseo.
Photographed at the night market in Kohima in December 2012.

Angami Man | Naga Shawls

May 13, 2014

street style nagaland
Angami Naga Man.

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival.

Mimi & Nunui | Street Style Aizawl

May 1, 2014

street fashion mizoram india
Nunui, 25. M. Phil. student and an equalist.
Likes sketching portraits, origami, taking a stroll, piercings, and dogs.
Favourite music: Joshua Radin and The Weepies.
Favourite book: The Mad Woman in the Attic

Mimi, 26. School teacher.
Likes nude colours, ‘Indian’ food, Mumbai, The Middle. Rihanna’s style.
Favourite music: The Killers, Kings Of Leon.
Current favourite song: Try by Pink.

Photographed in Aizawl in February 2013

Working Class | Street Style Aizawl

March 17, 2014

street fashion mizoram
Mizo woman.

Photographed in February 2012 at New Market, Aizawl.

Eastern Naga Man

March 13, 2014

naga man street fashion nagaland india
Eastern Naga man. (Either Sangtam or Chang.) Is wearing a wild boar tusk necklace, warrior headgear with hornbill feather, body sash, and ivory armlets.

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival. Inputs from Mercy Tetseo.

Ao Naga | Naga Shawls

March 11, 2014

ao naga man

ao naga shawl
Ao Naga men.

Photographed in January 2013 in Mokokchung/Kohima.