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Mimi & Nunui | Street Style Aizawl

May 1, 2014

street fashion mizoram india
Nunui, 25. M. Phil. student and an equalist.
Likes sketching portraits, origami, taking a stroll, piercings, and dogs.
Favourite music: Joshua Radin and The Weepies.
Favourite book: The Mad Woman in the Attic

Mimi, 26. School teacher.
Likes nude colours, ‘Indian’ food, Mumbai, The Middle. Rihanna’s style.
Favourite music: The Killers, Kings Of Leon.
Current favourite song: Try by Pink.

Photographed in Aizawl in February 2013


Working Class | Street Style Aizawl

March 17, 2014

street fashion mizoram
Mizo woman.

Photographed in February 2012 at New Market, Aizawl.

Arts Student | Street Style Aizawl

March 1, 2014

street fashion mizoram india

street fashion mizoram india
A 17 year old Mizo boy. Arts student. Lives in Aizawl.

Photographed in February 2013 at the New Market, Aizawl.

Shopkeeper | Street Style Aizawl

March 1, 2014

street fashion aizawl

street fashion aizawl
A 40 year old Mizo shopkeeper. Lives in Aizawl.

Photographed in February 2013 at the shoe market (Foreign Lane) near New Market, Aizawl.