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Butool Jamal

November 24, 2012

butool jamal street style india

Butool Jamal. Fashion features writer, ELLE India. Can read faster than the speed of light, wishes to be a melancholic character from a Murakami novel, and is overly dependent on IMDB.

How was your childhood like?
I grew up in many different cities – Bombay, Madras, London, Delhi – my parents shifted base almost every three years because my father is a hotelier. We always came back to Bombay though somehow. I used to hate moving but now I actually feel restless after a couple of years in the same place, like it’s time to move on!

How did you get involved in fashion?
I studied history in college but even then I was involved in fashion societies or I did costumes for theatre productions. When I came to Bombay I knew I wanted to get into fashion somehow. I interned at Vogue for three months, then ELLE, and fortunately they let me stick around!

Describe your work at ELLE as a fashion features writer?
The great thing about working at ELLE is that you get to do so much more than what your regular job description would require. While I write and edit text for the fashion-related pages – designer interviews, fashion news, shoots – I also get to write about other things like film, art, or music, and interview/meet interesting(sometimes crazy) people.

What’s the best thing about Bombay?
That even at 3a.m. there’s somebody on the road.

Favourite book.
This list could be endless but Tender is the Night by Scott Fitzgerald or The 13 and a 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers(who doesn’t want to read about an intellectual bear adopted by mini pirates?)

Worst vice.
I’m very slow and I refuse to be rushed.

Favourite sound.
A cat purring like an engine.

Favourite websites.
Flavorwire,, and fashion blogs – The Sartorialist, Park & Cube, Lahlah is Here.

Favourite labels.
Pero by Aneeth Arora, The Bungalow by Mathieu Gugumus.

Something that only you can do and nobody else you know can?
Read faster than the speed of light. Or just very fast.

Worst fashion secret.
Most of my wardrobe is borrowed/second hand from my two aunts.

Photographed in Bombay during Lakme Fashion Week in August ’12.