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June 7, 2014

street fashion mumbai

street fashion mumbai
Amal, 26. Yoga instructor. Lives in Bombay.

“I studied aviation and then shifted to teaching yoga which I absolutely love.

I’m interested in aviation, camp trails, craft and wood work..

A few of my favorite bands are The Beach Boys, Queen, The Clash, David Bowie, Passion Pit, The Kooks, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix.”

Photographed at a shoot in Bombay in November 2011.

Bombay Fakir

May 16, 2014

street style india

street style india
Photographed in Mahim, Bombay in November 2011.

Nikhil D | Art of the Trench

April 25, 2014

street fashion mumbai india
Nikhil D. Works as a fashion stylist. Does not eat fruits. Is currently listening to Nils Frahm.

Photographed in Delhi in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Sharon Crawford | Art of the Trench

March 5, 2014

street style mumbai india

Growing up in Pakistan and attending a little boarding school hidden in the foothills of the Himalayas, I started off a far cry from the world of fashion and design though I loved sketching, painting, and shopping for fabric at the night bazaars. With the lights ablaze on all the sparkling bangles, I would sit enchanted as roll after roll of embroidered chiffons, silks, and cottons would be unfurled in front of us to choose fabrics for new salwar kameezes. 

When I was about 12, a family friend asked me if there was anything she could bring back from a visit to the UK and for some reason I asked for a fashion magazine. She brought me back a copy of Vogue and although she had ripped out all the pages with nudity, it was the most intriguing thing I had ever seen.” 

– Sharon Crawford, 29. Fashion Stylist.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Neha Dhupia | Art of the Trench

March 1, 2014

Street fashion mumbai india

Neha Dhupia. Miss India 2002 / Bollywood Actor.

Photographed in Bandra, Bombay in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Monica Dogra | Art of the Trench

February 23, 2014

monica dogra street style mumbai
Monica Dogra/Shaair. Seed Planter/ Music Maker/ Actor/ Activist

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

What Do You Wear To Bed? | LFW

September 22, 2013

street style fashion week india
Prerna Malhotra, 23. Designer
“I wear my comfo tee n pajamas. I stole the tee from my brother. “

What’s a comfo tee?
Basically my comfo tee is an over sized tee.

street style fashion week india
Amit Kekre, 39. Social explorer/Anthropologist.
“Mostly a pair of short cotton shorts. I’ve got a few…printed & plain.”

street style fashion week india
Astha Sethi. 25. Designer.
“Printed pyjamas with oversized shirts picked randomly.”

street style fashion week india
Nikhil D, 26. Fashion Stylist
“Old tee and PJs or boxers when I’m home in Delhi. Usually I pass out in whatever I’m wearing.”

street style fashion week india
Pranav Misra, 28. Designer.
Why are you asking? Is this for your blog?
I have cotton & silk fabrics which I’ve cut to a lungi’s length. I like wearing them as drapes, like a lungi.

street style fashion week india
Kiran Jaisinghani, 33. Designer.
“Clothes that are three sizes bigger — usually shirts, salwars, or checkered dhotis. I’m really particular about what I pick to wear in the night than anything else.

And you don’t wear any of this in the day?
Never in the day. I am pretty much a truck driver at home.

street style fashion week india

Shibani Dandekar. Actor/Model.
“Loose tees or tank tops, and pajamas. I mostly wear men’s shirts that are same length as a really short dress. I have a few.
Legs are always bare for me. My favourite is this vintage black tee shirt that says Wu Tang. Got it long ago from NY somewhere.”

Elton Fernandez, 31. Hair/make up artist.
“Shorter than short boxer shorts and a loose vest. My favourite is this soft cotton young teenage girl shorts for 100 bucks from Hill Road.”

street style fashion week india
Sneha Arora. 28. Designer.
“I am almost a man when i go to sleep. I wear a pair of GAP boxers and a man’s tee. When I am working late I just sleep in my denims. I find them the most comfortable.”

street style fashion week india
Ragini Ahuja. Designer
“Easy breezy soft big big big tee shirts & shorts or pajamas.
One of my favourites is a big George men’s tee. XXXL. It’s 3 years old. I picked it up at the export house where I worked back in 2010.”

street style fashion week india
Krishna Mukhi, 29. Fashion Editor, Harper’s Bazaar India.
“My brother’s oversized tee, it comes till my knees. It’s black and white. And this another tee from FCUK; I wear it inside out cos I don’t like what it says.

What does it say?
I am not gonna tell you.

street style fashion week india
Yeeteng Ker Watankhah, 28. Pattern Cutter.
“Is there an easier question?”

street style fashion week india
Aparna Badlani, 35. Store owner. 
“Usually a worn out tee and a pair of shorts. Have a bunch of A&F shorts. I probably wear some of my tees to the gym but not outside anywhere. Had a favourite — an Esprit tee — but it was in tatters, so had to throw it away.”

street style fashion week india
Himanshu Singh. Theatre actor/model.
“Nothing actually, to be honest. But only when I’m by myself.”

And when someone is around?
A pretentious night suit — pair of broad striped pyjamas and a loose buttoned shirt.

Shruti Bheda, 27.
“Gosh! It’s too personal.
Umm. Boy shorts & tee shirt.
If you use the original answer I’ll kill you.”

street style fashion week india
Rixi Bhatia, 32. Designer.
“Pajamas with prints and racerback tees. I buy them from thrift stores or roadside stalls on hill road.”

What kind of prints?
Cows and dogs…or just anything.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

Nidhi Jacob | LFW

September 21, 2013

nidhi jacob street style

Nidhi Jacob. Fashion editor, ELLE India. Likes this video.

Do you see a change in your style from what it was before?
Earlier I used to do a lot of clashing prints, nipped in waists, and more figure flattering stuff. Now I am moving towards more boxy mannish things..which is harder to do for my size but I am championing on.

Did you watch anything recently you liked because of its styling or fashion?
I watched this really good French film Fat girl. Then Tomboy. I won’t say I liked them for their fashion but they have really nice cinematography and they are good overall. Also, Reprise & Oslo, August 31st — both have interesting stories.

blogs that you read regularly
vanilla scented / it is minimal in a wearable way not a stern way. I am also trying to tone down my style to more basic.
Then there is this really cool tumblr called notpullteeth – – his blog is called pull teeth. It’s sportswear hip-hop but still very minimal.
we have no style.
Indian — by Renee Nabam. She is based in Bangalore. I think she’s got great movies music references and she really seems to be into the Japanese Korean thing.
then Dolly’s blog — alphabetagaga
lahlah doesn’t post much but hers is still my favourite.
And yeah, they all are from the Northeast.

Why do you think magazines don’t run enough stories about Northeast?
Because they think they are not mainstream enough?

What’s the most common thing people tell you when they see you after long?
“You’ve put on weight.”

How many years have you been attending fashion weeks?
I used to do backstage for Lakme…so  about 7 or 8 now.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013

Kanishtha Dhankhar | LFW

September 21, 2013

street style fashion week india

Kanishtha Dhankhar, 24. Miss India 2011.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

Ragini Ahuja

September 6, 2013


Ragini Ahuja, 25. Fashion designer at Ikai. Lives in Delhi. Likes péro and A&T. Would like to own Junya Watanabe & Thakoon. Is waiting to read Khaled Hosseini’s latest, & listening to Husna on repeat.

Did you always want to work in fashion?
No. Fashion is too fast. I always sketched a lot..I would’ve been an architect otherwise.

Best thing about being at fashion week.
It’s the vacation after all the hard work! Love the bit where I get to wear my new collection before anybody else.

Where do you shop from mostly?
I am more of an anti-fit kind of person. The bigger the better! For basics I shop at M&S, Anokhi, Clarks, Lancome. The list keeps changing really.

What do you like about Delhi?
Winters. Friends. And I love the food here.

Do you remember the last dream you had?
It was this morning. I was with my sister in New York celebrating 4th of July. There was a huge hoarding. I think. Somehow I knew it was the 4th of July. And I’ve never been to New York. We saw firecrackers. Then I remember I was flying back.

As in? On a plane or like a bird?

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

Shift | LFW

September 5, 2013

sharon crawford street style india
Sharon Crawford, fashion stylist//Vogue India.

nidhi sunil fashion model
Nidhi Sunil, fashion model.

Clothes by Shift.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

Day One | LFW

September 4, 2013

street style mumbai india
Malika Verma. Photographer, writer, stylist. Founder of Border & Fall. Lives in Bangalore. Likes En Inde & experimenting with sari. Wearing Shift.

“My wardrobe largely consists of cropped pants, neutral-coloured oversized tees, long jersey dresses, and saris.” //more

street style mumbai india
Ria Kamat. Freelance fashion stylist. In a dress by Goldie London.

elton fernandez street style mumbai
Elton Fernandez. Make up artist. “I’m wearing shirt from Topshop, pants from Zara, earring from Udaipur.

I‘m in a stage where am just enjoying wearing black & white. I don’t know if it has anything to do with art or movies, but I’ve generally been listening to a lot of BIRDY. She can be melancholic but I love her voice and style.”

shibani dandekar street style
Shibani Dandekar. TV host/singer/model.

street style mumbai india

street style mumbai india
Meghna Bhalla, freelance fashion stylist. Wearing Nishka Lulla.

lakme fashion week backstage

lakme fashion week backstage

lakme fashion week backstage

lakme fashion week backstage

lakme fashion week backstage
Backstage at Nishka Lulla.

backstage fashion week india

backstage fashion week india

shift nimish shah

backstage fashion week india
Backstage at Shift.

pallavi singh fashion model
Pallavi Singh. In between runway shows. Loves potatoes.

“It’s been a year since I completely shifted to Bombay. So everything is exciting — walking at LFW, meeting new people, working on new projects, and just living here.”

Are you a good cook?
Yes. I make great rotis. And dal. And salad.

If you weren’t a model what would you be?
I studied fashion design but I probably be a doctor as I come from a family of doctors. My mom still wants me to get into medicine.

What’s next for you?
I’m moving apartments.

karishma shahani street style india
Karishma Shahani, fashion designer.

Yee Teng Kerr from Malaysia. Lives in Pune. Works as a pattern cutter at Ka/Sha. Wearing Ka/Sha.

Photos taken at Lakme Fashion Week, Bombay in August 2013.

Shruti Bheda | LFW

September 3, 2013

street style mumbai india

Shruti Bheda, 27. Has a cat named Zhi-Zhi. Likes Portishead.

“I grew up in Mumbai. My childhood was fun. I loved going to Kutch(native place) almost every summer vacation. We had a farm there so all day long my brother & I would go climb mango trees, roam in the fields, collect vegetables for home, watch peacocks dance & chase them. We had a swimming pool…I loved cycling & skating too.”

Any places in India you travel often to?
I have been going to Himachal Pradesh every year for at least a month for last 7 years.

Why is that?
I’m in love with the mountains. I feel connected to them. I love walking through them endlessly knowing them better as each year passes by, watching them change. I find myself change with them.

Do you find it unsafe to travel on your own in Bombay?
Yes I do. But whenever I’m traveling alone, especially at night, I keep my knife out in case of any troubles.

What’s the best thing about Bombay?
Its people and Carter Road.

What’s your plan for the evening?
I am going to my friend’s house to have some beer and dance.

What worries you?
I worry about melting glaciers, beautiful mountains, human nature, city life, and myself.
Works at blur.
Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week, Bombay in August 2013.

Himanshu Singh

May 14, 2013

street style mumbai india men

“Being an army kid, I grew up travelling around India — Delhi, Calcutta, Agartala, Shimla, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Pune (to name a few). I studied photography and film from Symbiosis, Pune. I juggle between commercial photography, theatre, and modelling.”

Fashion It intrigues me. I think it’s worth studying and observing on a day-to-day basis. Fashion habits can reveal so much about an individual or a society.

Style icons Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Margiela, Formichetti and Gaga, The Beatles, Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol. Why? Because they have all realized the potential of fashion and have communicated heavily through it.

Favorite film: Ordinary People

Bombay Bombay is elusive. It comforts me as much as it vexes me. I continue being here doing my thing and I think I like that.

Himanshu Singh. Lives and works in Bombay. Likes Glen Hansard and the Ballet Men. Photographed in Lower Parel, Bombay in April 2013.

Natasha Ramachandran

March 26, 2013

Natasha Ramachandran fashion model india street style

Natasha Ramachandran fashion model india street style

Natasha Ramachandran. 22. Fashion model. Half Tamil/half Bengali. Likes oversized clothes, Haider Ackermann, Di Caprio, Thom Yorke, & The Black Keys. Has been listening to Alt-J’s Fitzpleasure on repeat. Has a thing for Bradley Cooper. Wanted to be a journalist as a kid. Has a degree in fashion design from NIFT. Thinks she’s a loud person.

Has been in Bombay for about 8 months. Likes the pace of Bombay. Hangs out mostly at The Bagel Shop.

Is signed up with Next Models, London.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in Bombay.


November 7, 2012
meera ganapathi street fashion mumbai
Meera Ganapathi. 26. Can’t focus on anything for long, likes Punjabi music, one half of Two Material Girls, and is currently suppressing an urge to sing. Photographed earlier this year in May in Bandra.
What are the names of your cats?
Norman Francis and the other one is yet to be christened. Right now we’re going by, ‘Aye! Noooo!’
What are you listening to now?
Keep you by Class Actress and  Thrift shop by Macklemore.

Films you have watched the most number of times?
City of Lost Children, Edward Scissorhands, Napoleon Dynamite, and predictably Amelie.
How would you describe your work?
Material Girls is where I take out all my creative frustration. My needle pierces cloth with very righteous creative anger. “You won’t let me do this advertising???? Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

What’s your favourite book?
The Great Gatsby. It’s set in my favourite time period, when minds were open, fashion was incredible, music was deeply romantic….

your worst vice?
I can’t focus on anything for too long. It’s frustrating. Like, I have no less than seven tabs open at any point on Chrome. Or if I’m watching a movie, I’m simultaneously googling the plot. Or I have to read two books at once; one when I’m bored and one when I need to sleep.

… your favourite sound?
Like every unhealthy Indian I respect a good oily sizzle in the pan; a very comforting sound. Second most favourite sound would be teeth gnashing. On a separate note, ‘gnashing’ is such a great word.

…your favourite website? People who run this site might know me personally. They have articles on all off-beat, weird things I’m usually interested in. Like, “Strangely Beautiful Photos Of Fake Cakes and Bodies Of Water.”

…your favourite label?
I’m not loyal to any labels. I like a healthy mix of street shopping and travel shopping. And I look terrible in over fancy clothes, like a priss ball.

…your worst fashion secret?
There are too many Bata school shoes in my house that I use way too often and way too shamelessly.

…a secret you’re tired of keeping?
For some reason I really, really, like Punjabi music. It’s very odd.

…best thing about NH7 Weekender?
Seun Kuti and Manganiyar Seduction.

…worst thing about NH7 Weekender?
The boob grope(at the security check).

What’s the best thing about where you’re now?
Mumbai is so awful, polluted, crowded, and shitty, but one week in Bangalore and I crave Mumbai. I can’t tell why, but I guess that is the best part.

Mickael Inayatealy

October 24, 2012

street style india

“I was born and raised in Madagascar — spent seven years of my childhood there before leaving for Paris. My mother tongues are French & Gujarati even though I barely speak Gujarati now. I speak fluent English and Italian & have basics in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi.

My favourite films are: Slumdog Millionaire, Rang De Basanti, Okuribito, The Japanese Wife, Farewell My Concubine, 99 francs… I like realistic films which deal with society and its problems. Last interesting films I watched: The Dirty Picture and a Japanese mystery drama called The Suicide Club which talks about the danger and excess of pop culture.

I listen to eclectic music, all depending on my mood. I like “New French Wave” for their lyrics, a smattering of pop and RnB, electro. My favourites right now are:’ Pony Pony Run Run’ and ‘Something a La Mode’. I also like Bollywood music for its celebratory vibe.

I have been in Bombay for six months. I like Bombay for its energy, for its people who are open to new experiences, and for its multiculturalism. It feels like home now.”

Photographed in Colaba in Oct 2011. Conversation from April 2012.

The Peddler

March 16, 2012

street fashion mumbai india

street fashion mumbai india

Photographed at VT station. During the Cobra shoot. Not sure if he was a part of the shoot..but he was there.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

March 14, 2012

street style mumbai


street style india

street style delhi

street style mumbai

street style india

street india

street style india

“I was surprised, as always, be how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”

arabian sea versova

Buttoned Up

September 19, 2011

street style india
Street girl. Photographed in Santa Cruz.

street style india
Mathieu G. An old photo..taken precisely a year ago in Versova.

Other buttoned up people: Michael Pitt in The Dreamers, Kyle Maclachlan in Blue Velvet. Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks, David Lynch, Comme des Garçons men, John Turturro in Barton Fink..a few Bollywood actors in the 60s(couldn’t get any picture references) Sadly there aren’t many buttoned up Indians I can think of…Anybody else…? 

buttoned up shirt

buttoned up michael pitt

buttoned up shirt

buttoned up shirt

buttoned up shirt

buttoned up comme de garcons

buttoned up men's fashion

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