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Ruchika Sachdeva | Art of the Trench

August 3, 2014

street style india

Ruchika Sachdeva, 26. Fashion Designer.

Likes oversized stuff and has recently started growing her own ‘food’. Currently reading Young Earth and listening to Metronomy.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Divrina & Pablo | Art of the Trench

June 9, 2014

art of the trench
Divrina Dhingra. Writer/reader/water baby.
Pablo. Dog.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Edward Lalrempuia | Art of the Trench

March 11, 2014

street style india
Edward Lalrempuia. Mizo. Works as a fashion stylist. Is addicted to his phone.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.


October 30, 2013

street style delhi

“One of my least favorite quotes, or outlooks on life has always been ‘go with the flow.’ I must admit, I’m hardly the most laid back person. In fact, many would attest to the fact that I’m a bit high strung, but I’ve never understood why you would want to give yourself so little power in your own life. Go With the Flow implies that you should allow yourself to be acted upon, whether you like the result or not. It’s an outlook I hate, but it’s one that I find myself slipping into this year as a senior. With the amount of work that all of us have its easy to let go of things and forget that you have a say in the matter. You can react, you are a human being who is in capable of thought and action. Remember to react.”

Kalpana. High school student/fashion blogger. Loves lists. Likes The Kooks. Blogs here.

Photographed in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi in 2012.

Sonam Bhutia

October 25, 2013

street style delhi india

street style delhi india
Sonam Bhutia, 37. Half Tibetan Half Nepali. Born and brought up in Kalimpong. Lives in Delhi.

“I love vintage and off beat fashion. I am a street shopper and Sarojini Nagar is my favourite haunt. The tunic I’m wearing is from Sarojini, blouse is from some export house, and the brooch is vintage.”

What’s the best thing about Kalimpong?
One doesn’t need a cab or anything to go anywhere. You can walk and reach everywhere. I miss the quaint streets and greenery. Also kachar pachar — street food which you can’t find anywhere else.

How long have you been in Delhi? You think you’ve adjusted well to living here?
Ya, I think so. I feel more at home here. I came to Delhi when I was 21 so about 15 years now.

What kind of jobs have you done so far?
I worked in a restaurant as a hostess when I first came to Delhi, then  I worked with a TV production company where I was handling production and costumes for shows, and now I work in PR.

What kind of music do you like?
I’ve been listening to Lifehouse all of this week; actually it’s been almost 10 years and I still love them. I like Amy Winehouse. And of late, been listening to a lot of Ray Charles.

Anything on repeat?
I got you under my skin by Sinatra.

Photographed at Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.

Vibhash Sharma

April 28, 2013

vibhash sharma street fashion delhi india

Vibhash Sharma Phurailatpam, 20-something designer. From “the land of Jewels” Imphal. Lives & works in Delhi. Usually stitches his own clothes. Likes Margiela, Yohji, Modern Menswear by Hywel Davies, Singju, Oo-ty, rice, Ramen, boiled corn, smoked chicken Maggi, Notebook on cities & clothes, Amelie, Makoto Shinkai, Kurosawa, Lykke Li, Alex Turner… Has a thing for white shoes, paints them sometimes. Is listening to Princess Chelsea on repeat. Obsessed with post-its and tea. Loves Nutella.

How was growing up in Imphal like? 
Secluded. I was in my own world except for the occasional family gatherings. Growing up I got to witness a lot of bandhs/blockades, riots…

What’s the best/worst thing about Imphal?
The food, the cycle-rickshaw rides, Paona Bazaar, theatre, and of course the art & culture. // Insurgency, roads, power cuts.

Where do you buy your clothes from?
Saro, Paharganj, and when I’m in my home town, I shop from Ima market and Paona bazaar(or Paona international Market). Depends on how rich I am at that point of time.

It’s your birthday today and you just woke up. What did you do last night?
Dolly, Bini, and Smriti got me some lemon tart so I cut that because I didn’t wanna cut a cake.  A lot of unexpected people called me. I made milk tea for everyone at some point. My sister sent me an invisible pen because I like pens. There is a torch on the cap of the pen so when you put the light on you can read what you have written. She also sent an annoying card which had something sarcastic written with the same pen. Dolly and others also got me Oreo biscuits. Small stuff which I like. We were up till 6am..just sitting around..listening to music and singing Hiding Tonight.

Photographed on his way to work in Hauz Khas Village sometime in 2012.

Stephen Lotha

April 3, 2013

fashion street style delhi india

fashion street style delhi india

Stephen Lotha. 29. Fashion stylist for Cosmopolitan India. Belongs to the Lotha tribe. Grew up in Dimapur. Lives in Delhi. Likes Guo Pei, Kris Van Assche, Sonia RykielThe Way we Wore, ACNE, Lana Del Rey, Keane, As Good As It Gets, Jessica Chastain…

Are you an optimist? Very much. I could’ve been a good pessimist but then I wouldn’t be happy.

How important is fashion to you?
I enjoy fashion. It makes me happy. I don’t mind people forming opinions about me because of what I wear. I care a lot about what I put on my back. I feel naked in denim and t-shirts alone. I feel the world is my prom and I need to dress up.

You studied English Literature at Loyola. How was it? And how did you get into fashion?
It made me speak better English. My feminist professor adored me. Nice people…that city. However, studying there was just to make my mom happy with a college degree. Fresh out of college I wanted to be independent so I took a job at a call center. Worked there for 3 years. Then one day Carol wanted me to style her portfolio. I helped her. A make-up artist called Chandni Singh liked my work and helped in spreading the word. It moved from there.

What’s the best and worst thing about Dimapur?
I like the fact that alcohol is cheap there. Also, the fashion for sure…the flea markets, and the quality pork. Worst: Well the roads are only meant for cows.

How often do you go back? Any favourite hangouts?  I go back once in a year or two. Hang out mostly at cousins’ places or occasionally at some bars. I love Dimapur but I could live without going back ever.

What do you think of fashion in Dimapur?
Fashion is ‘the all’ for Dimapurians. We thrive on it. Ask anyone. It’s fashion before food and air. I used to love it before people became richer. Now it’s a little vulgar with everybody acting too uptight and dropping brand names.

stephen lotha street style dimapur

You told me you grew up dreaming about making clothes..
Yes. Since I was 9ish. I used to sketch gowns and shoes all over my books and mom used to thrash me. Once mom collected all my sketches in a huge bag and handed it to my principal. I got 10 blows on my back. My grades were not too good either. She wanted me to do/become something else.

How was your childhood like?
Adventurous, really. I saw things that I wasn’t supposed to see. It wasn’t all gas balloons and butterflies, and hence it made me search for wonderful things beyond. The television was a box of magic and it made me giddy(not that we owned one). Back then I felt I should be on tv and make people love me.

Things like?
Mom and I used to live in a house made for poultry. Two years. We would lie in bed and see the stars from the holes in the roof. It was fascinating..but not during the rains.
I stayed in an orphanage for a year. Mom was poor. The place gave me free food and stay but made all of us work like crazy. I used to pull a cart carrying pig feed up to like 5 kilometres in Dimapur. I was 9. I know what is embarrassment, shame, what it feels like to be hungry, broke, and hopeless.

Any happy memories?
Well maybe the sundays when we were served meat for dinner. And mom visiting me once in a while. I used to cry when she’d leave.

What keeps you going?
Comic books. Strawberry ice-cream. My dreams of living in an Andy Warhol inspired house one day and a lot of money to buy good stuff pushes me. And on a trying day, a sincere prayer.

Photographed in Delhi & Dimapur.

Vibhash & Anuj

March 23, 2013

street style delhi india bodice

street style delhi india bodice

Vibhash & Anuj. Both studied fashion design, thrift shop excessively, like Yohji, are good with drapes, and mostly make their own clothes. Good People.

Photographed at Delhi Fashion Week in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Priya Kishore

November 9, 2012

priya kishore street style delhi

“I flew last night, over skyscrapers, over fields, and landed in a forest clearing. The rest is rather hazy. Usually the memory of dreams elude me; they vanish when I wake.” – Priya Kishore, founder of Bombay Electric.

A film you recommend?
Sans Soleil. It’s about nothing and everything. You’ll love it..

Photographed in Delhi during Wills India Fashion Week.


August 13, 2011

street fashion style india

street fashion style india

Introducing Imsu

May 2, 2011

street fashion delhi india

Likes bad boys, loves Adele, watches everything on Star World, compromises on other household necessities to buy shoes, loves veg Wai-Wai, is immune to caffeine, Jack Johnson’s voice makes her all gooey.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion india

Imsu,20. Student/Fashion blogger

Out of Mayonnaise: Memoirs of a Cat.

April 5, 2011

Lesley is obsessed with tumblr, torrents, writing letters, participating in giveaways, her diana mini, mayo, cheese. Is stalker obsessed with leopard, her last obsession was Camel, and she thinks she is a cat-a distracted one; loves angry birds; wishes she was Gogo Yubari, is distressed by the fact that each time she saves up money to buy Jeffrey Campbell Litas..the money almost spelling bankruptcy for her family; has recently started using the AC; wants to go to a beach, kick her shoes off, and sing some Beatles real loud; hates talking on phone; hates Espadrilles…because they look tacky and cheap; thinks muffin top is too ugly a word to be included in Oxford Dictionary, is currently reading a book called ‘Secrets: A memoir of Vietnam and The Pentagon Papers’ by Daniel busy with googling articles, facts, and all of the works of the US Secret Service…and calls her laptop Slim Pig.

lesley lobeni


What do you do when you’re not blogging?
Before the blog came about, or even now when I don’t blog/study, I am usually reading a book or always jotting down little things .. mainly stories and poetry. But yeah, I’m pretty much always reading. ^____^

You make this all the time – ^____^ What does it signify?
This was introduced to me by a really good friend of mine called Ahji. She’s Korean and she used to use that emoticon a lot when we’d write/text/chat often, and I just sort of got it from her and it stuck. 🙂

And how do you make a cat?

They all look like owls. And this ^____^ could be..umm..a boat? What if they all sat in this boat?
Here’s an Ode to the 3 Owls on a boat:
There once were 3 owls who sat on a linear boat.
while the little one in the middle sang songs of revelry,
the other two looked troubled.
‘whoooo’ said the little one and looked on mysteriously,
up and down, left and right.
Yet he saw nothing that could give them a fright.
T’was unfortunate because the little owl in the middle was too stout too see.
A great storm brewing in the distant sea.
The two great owls gave their lives to shield the little one,
but alas, all 3 lives were lost in the deep blue abyss.
So henceforth, be warned.
Never sit on a linear boat.
They never stay afloat.
Every now and then, when you hear an Owl ‘whooo’,
remember the little one in the middle who had sung songs of revelry.
The boat rocked not one bit for him,
and down he went so silently.
This is sort of what I do with my time. It’s a classic example. 🙂

street fashion blog india lesley lobeni

How would you explain your blog to your 5 year old niece?
I put pictures in the computer.
what pictures?
Pictures of me.
and why?
So that they circulate through the entire world and everybody can see them.
I will make her sit in front of the computer and point finger at the photos saying look “your me.”
but why do you put YOUR photos?
Is it too vain to say I love myself?

indian fashion blogger delhi

fashion blogger india

lazymanxcat blog delhi

fashion blog india

delhi fashion blogger

fashion blogger india

lesley lobeni fashion blogger delhi

Most of your photos are self taken using a timer on a tripod. Is it a task? and who else photographs you?
All the home ones in the balcony, I place my camera on these white railing pillars. Ones taken indoors are on a tripod. I’m quite an expert with the tripod now. Camera on self-timer. Yes. 10 seconds it is,  and I’m in front of the camera in a 10ms dash. It’s not much of a hassle although I’d like to have that wireless shutter release remote but I’d need a new camera for that. Task trying to smile..BIG those photos are strange. I am smiling at no one. I feel retarded. Most outdoor photos are taken by whichever friend is around with me[usually 2 of them: Debbie & Naro].

What inspires you to take photos for your blog?
Anything that catches my eye..and is not quite conventional.

What’s the most difficult aspect of blogging?
I rant on and on. And I write just the way I talk. My fingers won’t stop typing. I wish I’d stop.

Do you face blogger’s block?. How do you get past it?
ALL THE TIME! I usually get it when I’m ‘trying’ to blog. My over-coming method is: open microsoft word, listen to some prodigious music like Mt. Desolation, The Beatles, Mates Of State, and start typing whatever comes to mind. That’s the reason why my blog posts are usually not fashion related.

First fashion blog..
Cherry blossom sister told me to check it out. This was in 2007.

Indian fashion blogs you LOVE?
LahLah. There are many good ones now, and I have 3 to 4  favourites, and you know them all too, but I think with Esther’s blog, it’s like, we started pretty much around the same time, and hers was the first Indian blog I came across so I guess I feel a sense of solidarity with her blog!!

Lulu Chang’s luluandyourmom!!

street fashion blogger india

What did you study after school? What do you plan to do next?
I studied a lot of things ranging from an A level in English Lit, History, and Geography. But most importantly, I studied the arts of fucking up and growing out of it. Honest. And next on the list is to conquer Art & Aesthetics in JNU.

“I studied the arts of fucking up and growing out of it?”
The teenage years. You do exactly what you’re told not to do. You don’t think or care about the consequences. I had major life lessons and so, more than education. I think my life after a highly protected life in school was an experience in the art of growing up.

delhi street fashion blog india

Why did your internship at Cosmo put you off fashion?
Dark waters! I was styling. I suck at it and it definitely isn’t my line of interest. I can’t do it. Styling others and styling yourselfisn’t the same at all. Had I been doing some other things, maybe it would’ve been different? But to be clear on one thing: my decision about not continuing on fashion wasn’t really from that experience. It just added to the line up.

So what exactly did?
To be honest, you’re going to find my answer vague. Its an amalgamation of 2 things that merged together. My childhood fascination with Art and Egyptian History in particular was slowly creeping its way back into me. Most people who get into fashion have always had some sort of love for it even when they were young. Playing dress up, putting on mom’s make up… etc. Not me. apart from my love of hearing heels going ‘clank, clank,’ I didn’t do any of that. In fact, I hated anything that had to do with dressing up and shopping. I liked being a loner. I thrived for it because it gave me time to read my books on space, history and art. Of course, all suited for my age then. I was happiest in those times. And once I began to get back to those…reading books or even articles online, something just clicked. Yes. I really do love fashion very much, but I know that I am not in this for the long haul. If something that I loved so much since I was 6 or 7 could stay with me all this time, it’s got to mean something!

delhi street fashion blog india

And now you’d just pursue ‘fashion’ blogging as a hobby?
Yeah. I like Fashion as it is, how I see it. I don’t want to ruin it for myself. That’s just my view though. It made me shallow. And I hated that. I am 22 and I feel really old already but in a great way. Life is much clearer to me now. And the road ahead seems less winding. But I can’t write off fashion from my life. I am consumed by my obsession of dressing up that it gets me into a high.Although I know my style isn’t all that appealing to most eyes, that’s just bagatelle for me!

Do you know what got you all obsessed?
Not really. It just sort of happened! I was a late bloomer in fashion, trend wise. But I was always a little bit flaky in my dressing since school. I think somewhere in 2008 I told myself “Lobeni. You’re not a kid anymore. Let’s try to dress a little bit your age shall we?” and so I did. And little by little, the tale of my obsession of going all out goes on… the road seems less winding + things are clearer, what do you think, now, you’d really want to do/end up doing?
Life is so unexpected that I don’t even know if I’ll live to see tomorrow. In an alternate universe where my life is not bound by these beliefs of mine, I see myself studying hardcore journalism and writing for TIME magazine, or working as an Art Curator in the Louvre, the Museum of Modern Arts, or The National Gallery in London. I don’t mean to be morbid, but it’s terribly sad that we are made in such a way that we get used to living. What will I do? what will you do? what will we do? Always in future tense.

street fashion blog india lesley lobeni

Lesley Lobeni, 23. Fashion blogger.
Lesley is one of the nicest, oldest fashion bloggers from the country. Hers is one of the first fashion blogs that I saw when I started mine. She’d complete 2 years of blogging this May. About two weeks ago when I was working on this post, Lesley ran out of Mayo, although she had loads of cheese. I’m hoping she bought some Mayo. ^____^

lesley lobeni delhi street fashion india


March 12, 2011

Oona(The Billet Doux)(update:she discontinued her blog), never eats breakfast because she gets up too late, starts her day with chips & chocolate tart from her college canteen; reads travel magazines and fashion blogs; hates rotis and green vegetables; misses her Swedish boyfriend, and the thunderstorms back in Assam; does not have an opinion about Chuck Palahniuk, likes dubstep, loves Abbey Lee Kershaw and anything Céline.

street fashion blog india

street fashion india

Photographed in Delhi.