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Sarah-Jane Dias | Street Style Pune

March 18, 2014

street style pune india
Sarah-Jane Dias, 31. Miss India 2007/VJ/ Bollywood actor.

Photographed at NH7 festival in Pune in 2012.

Gitanjali Dang | Street Style Pune

March 18, 2014

street style pune india
Gitanjali Dang, 30. Writer/Curator/Dog Walker. 

Keeps going to back to The City by Cavafy. Finds it awfully boring to take photos. Likes to vanish. Currently living in Benares and working on a short fiction.

Photographed at NH7 festival in Pune in 2012.

Rashmi Alevoor

March 10, 2012
street style india rashmi alevoor
street style india rashmi alevoor
27 years old…grew up in Pune but really grew up in Boston and Mumbai. Graduated in Economics. Likes to learn something new everyday…

What did you learn today? 
Well, I’ve been learning Spanish everyday. But I don’t mean you necessarily need to make that much of a commitment. I just learned how to cook Mexican Lime Chicken this evening.
And yesterday?  
Yesterday, I learned where the expression “Indian Giver” comes from. It’s fun to learn a little thing everyday – makes life wondrous.

Do you travel? Where all have you been?
I’m FULL of wanderlust. I have a special place in my heart for the north of India. My father is in the Merchant Navy and so I’ve also been lucky enough to tag along with him as a child to places like Australia, Korea, Japan. I studied in Boston more recently so I’ve done a bit of travelling in the U.S. I just got back this morning (3 AM) from the U.K. where I visited wonderful places like York, Runswick Bay, Whitby, the Lake District among the more obvious choices like Newcastle and London. I have a penchant for the offbeat.

How was NH7
I loved the atmosphere. It’s the closest event we (in India) have to a real music festival. I also like that folk artists finally have a voice in Indian popular culture. I was SO surprised to hear that King Creosote would be performing in Pune. Incidentally, I saw him perform with Jon Hopkins in Leeds on the 19th of February. I got to be on the guest list because we chatted while he was in Pune for NH7.

Who are your favourite artistes/bands?
The National. The Tallest Man on Earth. Bon Iver. Andrew Bird. Beirut. King Creosote. Sigur Ros. And many, many, many more.

Five films you suggest everybody must watch?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Amelie. Annie Hall. Life is Beautiful. The Artist.

..and five must-read books?
Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. Animal Farm by George Orwell. Any book by Jane Austen. Atlas Shrugged. The Catcher in the Rye.

In life, what do you feel strongly about?
Music, honesty, respect for EVERYONE, nature, travel and exploration, awareness of the world we live in, reading, and most importantly LOVE (I’m a goofball.)

“Awareness of the world we live in.” Elaborate?
I guess what I mean by that is to keep your eyes and ears open. Read every chance you get – know what’s happening across the world.  Know a little about everything – politics, music, art, fashion. I guess what I’m suggesting is for people to have a healthy appetite and lust for life.

What does “being in love” mean to you?
This is a big question. Being in love is the most wonderful thing there is to experience in the world. I can only speak from personal experience of course, but for me, love is when you want to be better for someone else. When they inspire you to be your best. When you start getting very excited about the future. And when you want to fill the present with a lot of their presence.


I met Rashmi briefly two years ago, on a semi-drunken night, post some show at LFW. She’d quit as a copywriter and was looking for work. I met her again this time in November at NH7 in Pune. We kind of recognized each other.

Alisha Batth

January 28, 2012

Alisha batth street style india

alisha batth street style india
Alisha Batth, 22. Musician. Photographed at NH 7.

I really like this cover by her. Check rest of her videos here+an old interview here.

NH7 Weekender|Preview

November 20, 2011

nh7 weekender pune

street style india nh7 weekender

street style india nh7 weekender

street style india nh7 weekender

gitanjali dang nh7 street style india
Gitanjali Dang. Writer/Curator from Bombay.

rushad kalyanivala street style india
Rushad Kalyanivala from Pune.

street style india nh7 weekender

I’m at NH7 Weekender – the happiest music festival in India. All the cool kids from Pune & Bombay are here.

NH7 Weekender documentary from last year.