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The Following | Street Style Bhutan

February 25, 2014

street style paro bhutan

street style paro bhutan
Old Bhutanese woman. Photographed on the main market street in ParoBhutan. 

It was getting dark and the only three people I stopped for photos had refused and I had nothing else to do so I decided to follow her just to see where she was going. We crossed through the entire Paro market stretch — she stopped thrice for a moment each time to greet people who recognised her. We crossed the taxi stand, my hotel, further off on an unfamiliar road. By now we’d been walking for about 20 minutes until she crossed the road for no apparent reason to me and then we were walking parallel to each other and then somehow I got ahead of her and she crossed the road back again and then she was walking behind me..

recent stuff & plans | August

August 24, 2013

There is an Indian Street Style post on BuzzFeed made of my photos(mostly). Take a look.

Jonathan Longuet, a French artist, is making life size paintings of my photographs for an exhibition in Delhi. A rough draft.

Some of my photos were part of a street photography exhibit at Artscape, Baltimore.

Wearabout was on Tasveer Journal sometime ago.

I have an 8 page street style story in GQ India this month.

I have to interrupt my Northeast updates for now. They will have to wait. I was too slow miscalculated my blogging speed. WIll get on with it again in September.

Fashion week in Bombay started yesterday. Will be blogging from there.

Contemplating a giveaway. Would anyone be interested in old looking clothes & books?

Looking forward to leaving Bombay again in October & travel for maybe 6 months. My lease gets over; which is a great thing. The best. Looking at Dharamsala, Calcutta, & Sikkim. Maybe down south.

Also, I’m looking for someone to help me organize all my images and edit a lot of text. You get paid but it’s not much money. If you’re interested, write to me at wearabout at gmail

Next three months. Look like a fish.

January 9, 2013


This is a screenshot from more than a month ago when I was still in Bombay. So far I’ve followed the blue line. I spent two weeks in Shillong and about a month in Kohima. Now I’m in Dimapur; it’s been a week. Will be here for maybe two weeks, or three, or four. Next I might go to Mizoram, or Arunachal. If I end up going to both, that’ll be the perfect tail fin.


September 3, 2012

I went in and out of fashion weeks, through endless nights and days. Through vapid entertainment and celestial events. Through quiet small towns and dull big cities. Living in boxes in cheap lodges through different seasons in different places. Travelling for weeks and stopping to do nothing — a good remedy. From living in complete silence to raging contrasts and epiphanies. Through absence of television…and doubts. Through daydreams. And sunbeams. And cows. And disco lights. Through photographs, almost illegible notes, and emptiness in life that sweeps in, stops, and passes by…day after day..


sabyasachi winter 11

lakme fashion week backstage

jfk quote

versova mumbai

versova man

jodhpur lodge


lit fest after party

burberry shoot

how are you feeling


burberry exhibition

imsu longkumer

andy warhole quote

hauz khas village

bodice store

wills india fashion week

kitty su



french loaf


khoda bini

nift bangalore

sunset dharamsala

lunar eclipse mumbai

supermoon night

blue frog

tania fadte

krishna mukhi

himanshu singh

sana rezwan


street play mumbai

jack kerouac

street kid mumbai

dharamsala airport

dharamsala airport



old tibetan woman

tibetan woman dharamsala

family photo dharamsala

dalai lama temple dharamsala


summer solstice sky


“What Kabir talks of is only what he has lived through. If you have not lived through something, it’s not true.”

street mcleodganj


gakyi mcleodganj

cow india



horizon dharamsala

ian mcbryde

kasol street

woman kasol

manali woman


kasol hills



street woman mumbai

bodice at lfw

bodice stall lfw

arshia ahuja

mad world

anila dj

nidhi jacob


night sky dharamsala

animated dog


I’m blogging again after a 5 month break. This post summarizes a bit of my last year — things I keep going back to + posts I’m working on.

Photos: Backstage Sabyasachi/Swapnil Shinde SS 12. Versova beach. JFK quote. Room in Jodhpur. Street in Jaipur. Literature Fest after party. Burberry AOTT shoot. David Shrigley. Medicines. Burberry AOTT event night. Imsu. Hauz Khas Village. Bodice. Dancer at JJ Valaya finale. Kitty Su. Orion+dusk in Tamil Nadu. HSR Layout, Bangalore. Dolly. Bini. NIFT Bangalore grad show. Lunar Eclipse, Versova. Supermoon, Worli sea-link. Elton & Nisha. Tania. Krishna Mukhi. Himanshu Singh. Sana Rezwan. Meera. Street performers. Jack Kerouac. Street kid in Bandra. Airport in Dharamsala. Mcleodganj. Chinese kid & a woman in a magazine. Oasis Cafe. Old Tibetan women. Indian family posing at The Dalai Lama Temple. Summer solstice. Kabir. Foggy Mcleodganj in July. Gakyi restaurant. Cows. Clip from La Haine. Pema. Dusk. Poem by Ian McBryde(I changed Wyoming to Shillong). Kasol. David Shrigley. Street woman in Juhu. Bodice wall. HUEMN stall at LFW. Anila. Nidhi. Arshia. Clear night sky. Page from some Dali’s book. Dog on screen.