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Dino Morea | art of the trench

September 23, 2015

street style fashion mumbai india

Dino Morea. Bollywood actor. 

Loves his dogs, his home in Bombay, and keeping fit.


Photographed in Bombay for Burberry Art of the Trench.


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Imsu | art of the trench

May 2, 2015

burberry art of trench india manou

Imsu.  Likes Chet Faker & The Kooks.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry.


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Acquin Pais | art of the trench

December 27, 2014

street fashion india

Acquin Pais. Part-time unicorn. Likes Joy Division and alt-J.

Photographed in Bombay in October 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Indrani Dasgupta | Art of the Trench

December 1, 2014

street style delhi india

street style mumbai india

Indrani Dasgupta. Fashion model.

If not a fashion model, what would you be?
I’d probably be a lawyer.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Suhas Joshi | Art of the Trench

September 30, 2014

wearabout burberry art of the trench

Suhas Joshi. Architect/Flute player.

Photographed in Mumbai in October 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Ruchika Sachdeva | Art of the Trench

August 3, 2014

street style india

Ruchika Sachdeva, 26. Fashion Designer.

Likes oversized stuff and has recently started growing her own ‘food’. Currently reading Young Earth and listening to Metronomy.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Divrina & Pablo | Art of the Trench

June 9, 2014

art of the trench
Divrina Dhingra. Writer/reader/water baby.
Pablo. Dog.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Nikhil D | Art of the Trench

April 25, 2014

street fashion mumbai india
Nikhil D. Works as a fashion stylist. Does not eat fruits. Is currently listening to Nils Frahm.

Photographed in Delhi in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Edward Lalrempuia | Art of the Trench

March 11, 2014

street style india
Edward Lalrempuia. Mizo. Works as a fashion stylist. Is addicted to his phone.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Sharon Crawford | Art of the Trench

March 5, 2014

street style mumbai india

Growing up in Pakistan and attending a little boarding school hidden in the foothills of the Himalayas, I started off a far cry from the world of fashion and design though I loved sketching, painting, and shopping for fabric at the night bazaars. With the lights ablaze on all the sparkling bangles, I would sit enchanted as roll after roll of embroidered chiffons, silks, and cottons would be unfurled in front of us to choose fabrics for new salwar kameezes. 

When I was about 12, a family friend asked me if there was anything she could bring back from a visit to the UK and for some reason I asked for a fashion magazine. She brought me back a copy of Vogue and although she had ripped out all the pages with nudity, it was the most intriguing thing I had ever seen.” 

– Sharon Crawford, 29. Fashion Stylist.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Neha Dhupia | Art of the Trench

March 1, 2014

Street fashion mumbai india

Neha Dhupia. Miss India 2002 / Bollywood Actor.

Photographed in Bandra, Bombay in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Monica Dogra | Art of the Trench

February 23, 2014

monica dogra street style mumbai
Monica Dogra/Shaair. Seed Planter/ Music Maker/ Actor/ Activist

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Elton Fernandez|Art of the Trench

November 13, 2012

elton fernandez make up artist mumbai 2011

elton fernandez make up artist mumbai 2011

Elton Fernandez. Make-up artist/hair stylist.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Nidhi Jacob|Art of the Trench

February 25, 2012

nidhi jacob art of the trench

nidhi jacob art of the trench

“I bought my first trench coat only last year in November. Have worn it about 5 times since I got it. The only thing that makes me happy about it is that it’s XXL so it’s quite comfy.

I bought the trench primarily for Delhi winters. I think it would feel pretty ridiculous to wear a trench in Bombay. Could wear it during the rains but I’m not sure if mine is waterproof. I do have a raincoat that could be trench-y.

I’m more of a sweater girl, really.”
-Nidhi Jacob. Deputy Fashion Editor, Marie Claire.

I also made a series of short films with Nidhi in October. These are screen shots from one of the films.

nidhi jacob film

nidhi film

It’s almost ready. And will be up soon.

Art of the Trench.

February 2, 2012

india art of the trench
Indu. Karan’s Grandmother.

“I found this photo in a shoe box when I was looking for some pictures to be framed on my family wall. It was a beige trench & the photo is about 60 years old.

My grandmother got married at 20 and she got this coat made sometime then. The fabric was for 150Rs. and the stitching cost her about 40Rs. She would wear it with her saris and suits. When she’d wear this out in Bombay, people would call her Rani of Punjab…because, at that time, no one else would wear a trench. People considered it as something royal and international.

The photo was taken in Sonipat, Haryana.

karan berry art of the trench india

street style india art of the trench burberry
Karan Berry. Shoe designer at a.k.a. bespoke

“I have 2 trench coats. A trench coat for me is like a shield. It’s an interesting piece of garment which not only protects but also is a style statement. It carries the identity of the wearer.”

I photographed Karan in October for Burberry’s Art of the Trench project. Rest of the photos(about 50) are up on the AoTT site (takes a while to load; click on “view latest”). Photos were only meant to go online but now they’re part of an exhibition.

Below is a short video of Christopher Bailey talking about the project and my involvement with it.

priya kishore art of the trench
Priya Kishore, Bombay Electric. 

The exhibition is on from 3rd-12th Feb at Burberry store, Oberoi, Gurgaon. See you all there.

street style women

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