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Maalavika & Shweta | mumbai

February 17, 2018

street style mumbai india

carol humtsoe

December 30, 2014

street fashion mumbai india

Bombay. August, 2014.

Suhas Joshi | Art of the Trench

September 30, 2014

wearabout burberry art of the trench

Suhas Joshi. Architect/Flute player.

Photographed in Mumbai in October 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

12 people for Tommy Hilfiger

September 26, 2014

wearabout tommy hilfiger street style india

“I’m obsessed with Adam Levine and currently crushing on Iggy Azalea.”
– Antara Motiwala. Fashion stylist/consultant. 

Celebrating 12 people for their individuality and style with Tommy Hilfiger. See the entire shoot here.

August 2014, Mumbai. 

archana/ekta/priyanka/gazi/arman/himanshu styled by Alisha Netalkar


November 7, 2012
meera ganapathi street fashion mumbai
Meera Ganapathi. 26. Can’t focus on anything for long, likes Punjabi music, one half of Two Material Girls, and is currently suppressing an urge to sing. Photographed earlier this year in May in Bandra.
What are the names of your cats?
Norman Francis and the other one is yet to be christened. Right now we’re going by, ‘Aye! Noooo!’
What are you listening to now?
Keep you by Class Actress and  Thrift shop by Macklemore.

Films you have watched the most number of times?
City of Lost Children, Edward Scissorhands, Napoleon Dynamite, and predictably Amelie.
How would you describe your work?
Material Girls is where I take out all my creative frustration. My needle pierces cloth with very righteous creative anger. “You won’t let me do this advertising???? Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!”

What’s your favourite book?
The Great Gatsby. It’s set in my favourite time period, when minds were open, fashion was incredible, music was deeply romantic….

your worst vice?
I can’t focus on anything for too long. It’s frustrating. Like, I have no less than seven tabs open at any point on Chrome. Or if I’m watching a movie, I’m simultaneously googling the plot. Or I have to read two books at once; one when I’m bored and one when I need to sleep.

… your favourite sound?
Like every unhealthy Indian I respect a good oily sizzle in the pan; a very comforting sound. Second most favourite sound would be teeth gnashing. On a separate note, ‘gnashing’ is such a great word.

…your favourite website? People who run this site might know me personally. They have articles on all off-beat, weird things I’m usually interested in. Like, “Strangely Beautiful Photos Of Fake Cakes and Bodies Of Water.”

…your favourite label?
I’m not loyal to any labels. I like a healthy mix of street shopping and travel shopping. And I look terrible in over fancy clothes, like a priss ball.

…your worst fashion secret?
There are too many Bata school shoes in my house that I use way too often and way too shamelessly.

…a secret you’re tired of keeping?
For some reason I really, really, like Punjabi music. It’s very odd.

…best thing about NH7 Weekender?
Seun Kuti and Manganiyar Seduction.

…worst thing about NH7 Weekender?
The boob grope(at the security check).

What’s the best thing about where you’re now?
Mumbai is so awful, polluted, crowded, and shitty, but one week in Bangalore and I crave Mumbai. I can’t tell why, but I guess that is the best part.

One hour on Hill road

April 8, 2010




Stripey the shoe

March 30, 2010

Flat pumps
For 150Rupees from a stall with bamboo sticks on Hill Road, Bandra