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Edward | delhi fashion week

November 19, 2016

fashion week delhi street style

Right now I am a lot into sportswear, 90s alternative, M.I.A, and Notorious B.I.G.


Fashion Week, New Delhi. October 2016.


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Hearts, Korean pop stars, Jil Sander, and shoes

March 21, 2011

edward lalrempuia

Childhood/growing up.
My childhood was pretty boring. Boarding school in the hills, blah blah blah. Last two years of high school I studied science(big mistake, huuuuge) then some God sent career counsellor guided me to the right path and here I am!!

First job…a part-time job at a call centre called GE while I was still in university. I got paid Rs. 7000 a month for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was pretty cool back in 2002.

A regular working day..
I don’t have a regular day. One day I could be running around like a headless chicken sourcing, or getting sunburned at some location, shooting, or just staring at the computer the whole day in my office.

A non-working day..
As boring as it sounds, l sleep mostly when I’m not working, or I hang with my dog, or go to the spa.

What inspires you and keeps you going?
There is no particular person or a thing that inspires me but to see all these amazing creative talents do amazing work in their respective fields really makes me want to do a better job at what I do. I love fashion. I enjoy beautiful clothes, feeling the fabrics, & admiring the workmanship. For me, amazing fashion on the streets, and to see a beautiful show is a wonderful experience, and hugely inspiring. In life, I think a mix of me, my friends, my job, and my dad, keeps me going.

You like? Hearts, Jil Sander, bright colours, Facebook, a good laugh, spring, Wearabout (and I’m not just saying it), dressing well, holding hands(strictly with lovers only), NYMag, Naga Cuisine, getting photographed, Modern Family, and a lot more things that I can’t think of right now.

and don’t like? Bad shoes, gate crashers, smelly feet, Delhi summers, Holi, Fat.

and absolutely LOVE? Korean pop stars, my Dad, my dog Baci, Lanvin, shoes, sushi, Abbey Lee Kershaw, French Vogue, Tim Walker, my job, youtube, my wonderful friends, travelling, fashion, my wonderful maid who sorts out my life everyday, my wonderful roomies who make life so much more wonderful,, and umm..did I mention shoes??


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Edward Lalrempuia, 28. Fashion Editor|Vogue India.

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