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Small Town Women & English Braids

June 17, 2011

street fashion shillong

street fashion shillong

Photos taken in January…in Police Bazaar, Shillong.

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Shrimp

March 28, 2011

indian fashion blog

fashion blog india lakme fashion week

She saw a unicorn when she was 16(no one believes her but me); likes working with her hands, deconstructing things, making them her own; is mad about hula-hoops:once made one out of a hose pipe and took it all the way to Thailand; doesn’t like conversations about religion; is in love with color; is obsessed with Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Harajuku; wants to study accessory design at Bunka School; and loves cooking seafood.

Childhood/growing up
I grew up in a small town called Vasco Da Gama, and it was a childhood like it should be, the beach a few steps away, a mother who wore a black lace veil to church, taught me to cook good food, sew my own frocks; a father who drove his own truck transporting firewood all over India, and whose bedtime stories were about his travels and what he saw; sisters who’d fit into the same clothes and shoes as me. When I tell people I grew up in Goa they envy me thinking the only way of life in Goa is the rave and hippie life, but I was kept way too far from all of that, and I’m happy I grew up that way!

What do you miss most about home?
I think what I miss most is the way of life there. It’s so hectic here, so fast, but then there was really nothing much for me to do back in Goa. Also my parents had asked me to leave home, find my own ground, my own life, and so, here I am in Bombay.

It all started very funny. I hated Barbie as a little girl but everyone around me had them. So once I decided to cut off some fabric lying around the house to make some costumes for everyone’s barbie. I made a whole line and sold them for like Rs. 2 and then had a Barbie beauty pageant in my room with all the kids. I still remember my mother really furious; all the pieces of cloth that I cut to make the clothes were taken off her new kaftans and blouses.

Currently, I’m doing costumes for a play, styling ad films and print for the money. I’ve been drifting more towards theatre costumes. I find more freedom when it comes to expressing every character through fabrics and silhouettes + I get to make everything by hand, on my sewing machine.

I made a clown costume for the play Hamlet that’s touring in the UK right now.

hamlet the crown prince rajat kapoor

Then I made a costume for a friend who was doing a Josephine Baker inspired cabaret, part of a contemporary dance piece for The Stiff Kittens Medicine show. I spent a few days making the costume with pearls and bananas. It was kinky! To see the end result of your work on stage is just another high.

josephine baker banana costumejosephine baker banana costume

I’ve also been playing with Lego – lots of it – making hearts, bow ties, head gear. I’m currently, slowly, trying to get a small label together for my stuff. It’s called Pixie Tea. I can’t get myself to sell any of it yet; I just make it for friends.

First paid assignment?
This was back in Goa. I and a friend from art school got together and started looking for work, any kind of work, to make some money to buy our art supplies for college. We landed up making murals out of dental powder and acrylic paint for an art gallery. They looked like fractals on a wall. We got paid Rs 8,000 for 4 murals which was not so bad back then. We were rich!

Fashion magazines/snowfall/epiphany
Back home, there was literally only one book shop at the railway station that sold magazines. Elle was the only magazine my friends and I would buy. I would read each issue with all my heart + memorize every shoot and the bylines. I came to Mumbai with exactly 5k to assist a photographer, since I majored in photography in my last few years of college, but I did not get paid as an assistant. So then I started working in a call centre to pay my rent, which is by far the worst job ever, it was suicide. I randomly applied at Elle and got the job as a fashion assistant. I went on to work with Elle for 3 years as their Chief Stylist. It was an amazing experience; the whole team worked & multi-tasked together. Elle is where I really grew up as a stylist. My editor at Elle pushed me to do a lot more than I thought I could. Then I moved on to GQ where I worked for a year as their Jr Fashion Editor. Sometime in between I made a bike trip to Ladakh with my boyfriend, where we got caught up in snowfall, and couldn’t get back to work on time. And somewhere then I realized that I couldn’t do a regular day job, and it sucked, so I quit to freelance.

Fashion blogs
One of the things I’m always doing when I’m not working is browsing through fashion blogs. I’ve been following Scott Schuman, Bryan Boy, Jane Aldridge and Judy Aldridge since 2008. Of late it’s been annadellorussofrancfernandez, Richard Haines’s designerman-whatisawtoday, the Vogue blog, stylesightingsgeometricsleep, streetfsn; and amongst Indian blogs – lahlahishere.

What inspires you to do what you do?
Everything around me, clothes, people, art, music. Of late I’ve been making a point to go to as many gigs and concerts when I have the time to. I last went for a Carnatic performance by Prasanna at NCPA, and before that for Prodigy which was quite mad, because I flew out to Delhi for the concert and was back in 8 hours for work. And cooking! I’ve been cooking a LOT for everyone I love!

street fashion blog india

Tania Fadte, 30. Fashion Stylist..her favorite food to cook is Stuffed Bell Peppers with Shrimp.

fish from tania's farm

And these are tiger prawns from Tania’s dad’s farm. Soon I’d know what they taste like. I’ve been invited for dinner.

Hearts, Korean pop stars, Jil Sander, and shoes

March 21, 2011

edward lalrempuia

Childhood/growing up.
My childhood was pretty boring. Boarding school in the hills, blah blah blah. Last two years of high school I studied science(big mistake, huuuuge) then some God sent career counsellor guided me to the right path and here I am!!

First job…a part-time job at a call centre called GE while I was still in university. I got paid Rs. 7000 a month for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was pretty cool back in 2002.

A regular working day..
I don’t have a regular day. One day I could be running around like a headless chicken sourcing, or getting sunburned at some location, shooting, or just staring at the computer the whole day in my office.

A non-working day..
As boring as it sounds, l sleep mostly when I’m not working, or I hang with my dog, or go to the spa.

What inspires you and keeps you going?
There is no particular person or a thing that inspires me but to see all these amazing creative talents do amazing work in their respective fields really makes me want to do a better job at what I do. I love fashion. I enjoy beautiful clothes, feeling the fabrics, & admiring the workmanship. For me, amazing fashion on the streets, and to see a beautiful show is a wonderful experience, and hugely inspiring. In life, I think a mix of me, my friends, my job, and my dad, keeps me going.

You like? Hearts, Jil Sander, bright colours, Facebook, a good laugh, spring, Wearabout (and I’m not just saying it), dressing well, holding hands(strictly with lovers only), NYMag, Naga Cuisine, getting photographed, Modern Family, and a lot more things that I can’t think of right now.

and don’t like? Bad shoes, gate crashers, smelly feet, Delhi summers, Holi, Fat.

and absolutely LOVE? Korean pop stars, my Dad, my dog Baci, Lanvin, shoes, sushi, Abbey Lee Kershaw, French Vogue, Tim Walker, my job, youtube, my wonderful friends, travelling, fashion, my wonderful maid who sorts out my life everyday, my wonderful roomies who make life so much more wonderful,, and umm..did I mention shoes??


edward lalrempuia vogue delhi

Edward Lalrempuia, 28. Fashion Editor|Vogue India.

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March 19, 2011

street fashion blog india

nidhi jacob street fashion india

lakme fashion week mumbai

Nidhi Jacob.has a personal style blog here.

Little Shilpa|Fleurs Du Mal|2011

March 18, 2011

little shilpa lakme indian designer

little shilpa lakme fashion week

little shilpa lakme fashion week

little shilpa lakme fashion week

little shilpa lakme fashion week

lakme fashion week mumbai

indian fashion designer mumbai

lakme fashion week mumbai

little shilpa 2011 collection

Read more on Little Shilpa here – Little Shilpa Big Heads.

Masaba Gupta|Summer 2011

March 18, 2011

masaba gupta lakme fashion week

masaba gupta lakme fashion week 2011

masaba gupta lakme fashion week

masaba gupta lakme fashion week

masaba gupta lakme fashion week

masaba gupta lakme fashion week

Moving on once again: Blue City to Scotland of the East

January 20, 2011

jodhpur city

clothes line

abstract photography

fashion blog india

shillong country side house

winter in shillong

shillong house country side

winter in shillong

street fashion shillong

“In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer.”
-Albert Camus

I spent the entire summer in Bombay and it was time to move. With intentions of going somewhere or anywhere I reached Jodhpur. Was there for a week until I got a call from Rida telling me about a place I could rent out in Shillong and so now I’m here. It’s been 10 days here and it’s amazing

Shillong is also known as Scotland of the East. It’s got a lot to do with plaids, English homes with chimneys &  fireplaces, and the lakes, and beautiful people.
Next up: Blanket fashion.

Taches & turbans in the blue city

January 8, 2011

fashion blog indiafashion blog india

…still in Jodhpur(blogphorically speaking), about 30 rupees away from the railway station in to the old city near the Meherangarh Fort. The other day they said a man was only looking down from the top of the fort and fell, broke his both arms and legs, but survived. So it goes. And I’d been reading Slaughterhouse Five.

mehrangarh fort

mehrangarh fort

Photos are from around the shifting Clock Tower area in Sardar Bazaar where the Lonely Planet recommended Omelette man stands surrounded by sights, sounds, other omelette competitors, photographers, and occasional cows.

omlette shop jodhpuromelette shop jodhpur

jodhpur street

fashion blog india

fashion blog india

rajasthani menmen rajasthan

fashion blog indiafashion blog india

fashion blog indiastreet fashion india

jodhpur man

turban man

men's moustache

fashion blog indiastreet fashion india

jodhpur man

fashion blog india
fashion blog india

street fashion blog india
street fashion blog india

jodhpur mandhoti man


street fashion india

fashion blog

jodhpur man

fashion blogfashion blog india

street fashion india

fashion blog indiablog india

fashion blog indiajodhpur man

jodhpur manstreet fashion blog india

The only person out of place in a turbantached scheme of things.

stylish jodhpur boyfashion blog

jodhpur manstreet fashion blog india

indian street

“I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved which a cow enjoys on giving milk.”

Be like Betty

November 21, 2010

Shweta Sharma, winner of Betty of Elle contest. 

Jacket – Reiss
Top- Mango
Skirt – H&M
Bag – Mango


Shweta is a NIFT graduate, works as a fashion stylist, and has been on this blog before – here.

Old albums, streets, and grandmothers.

October 6, 2010

“I’m obsessed with family stories, mine and others’. Most of my inspiration comes from old family albums, streets, and grandmothers.”
Nidhi Jacob, 24. Freelance stylist/writer.

Top- a collage made of Nidhi’s grandparents and her father.

Below – a photo of her grandfather, sister and friends.

“I like old things in general. I like my clothes to look either borrowed or worn-in, that way they look like they have some character. 90% of my wardrobe is bought off the streets of Bandra and Colaba. There used to be a guy with a rack of clothes (the type that Goan middle-aged women* really favour; totally my style) on Hill road, Bandra, and everything on that rack was for Rs. 50/-. He’s not there anymore, so i really treasure every piece I bought from him – like a white crepe blouse, a sheer black pleated dress and unusually printed separates.”

*Goan middle-aged women – they could always be seen wearing knee-length dresses or skirt suits and blouses in synthetic fabrics and unusual prints and colours with voluminous sleeves, peplum and fancy buttons.

“I grew up in Pune. I shifted to Mumbai to study fashion when I was 17. After finishing college I went to Chennai for a year to teach fashion illustration/design methodology. Thereafter, I came back to Mumbai to work at Grazia. I love the research and constant movement that a magazine allows. There are people, clothes, photographers, photos, make-up, runway shows; there’s so much one gets to learn and experience about the industry while working with a magazine. I quit Grazia 7 months ago because I was itching to work with my hands. I took some time off…volunteered on an organic farm, and now I am back in Bombay..freelancing.”

Shirt- export surplus store in Pune
Beaded cardi- Colaba causeway
Bell-bottoms- stolen from a friend (stitched using her mom’s old saree)
Wedges- Charles & Keith
Bag- leather export surplus store in Chennai

These photo is 6 months old..the first time I met Nidhi. She is wearing her father’s spectacles and a two decade old dress picked from some place in Bandra  for about 300 Rupees.

Art Deco by Manish Arora

September 26, 2010

The show was sponsored by Philips. I thought they only made light bulbs; during the show I remembered they also made electronics.

The show started on the screen. There were two audio visuals. One was easily forgettable but the 2nd one – a commercial film by Philips – was amazing. It was a black & white film..set inside a laboratory. There was a Back to the Future type of scientist with an assistant..there was frequent light generation through a constantly buzzing device. What followed on the stage seemed like a continuation of what I thought the audio visual was..which possibly is not what I think it was. 

The show opened with a busy laser light play supported by freezing,screeching audio, right after which, the first model walked.

Stage went black for the first time..and all one could see was laser lights out of the eyes models. Had to over-expose the images to make laser visible.

Stage went black again for the 2nd time, the music stopped, and there was the sound of a chopper. A lone blue spot light rotating over the people, over the ramp, and you see 3 figures, with fibre optic wires sticking out of their heads, fluttering like wings of a mechanical butterfly, walking slowly.

I really liked the music the show started with. Does anybody know what music that was?  Kind of clean, fast paced bass violin…it reminded me of James Howard+Nick Cave+Warren Ellis..which some point..changed to a similar bass violin rendition of – Come as you are ..It was like a surreal film setting until they played “we don’t need no edu..”  That got the crowd going. The show ended with Abba’s “take a chance on me.”

Shoe gazing.

September 19, 2010

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini, made many people believe that putting a pair of new shoes on can change the world or at least one’s personal aspect of it.

Allia agrees.

Allia, 26. Fashion Stylist.
Top – Forever 21
Organic shorts – H&M
Shoes – YSL
Bracelet – Accessorize
Allia has a fetish for shoes. She owns about 75 pairs. Her cheapest buy was a pair of blue platforms for 4£ and she is tripping on her most recent and most expensive buy –  a 900$ pair of open toe shoes by Burberry.

Bag – Zara
Top – Zara
Skirt – H&M

And then I found Akanksha who has about 100 pairs!

“I have about 100 pairs of  shoes and they’re in many different sizes…so not all are for me. My work requires me to have all these shoes.”

Akanksha, 36. Freelance stylist.
Jacket – Forever 21
Shoes  – United Nude at Bombay Electric
Bag – Topshop


Shoes worn by Marv D, NIkhil Paul, Rin & Manish Arora.


Photos from day 1 & 2, of Lakme Fashion Week. A big thanks to Nonita Kalra and amazing people from Elle for arranging my media pass.

The Human Experience

September 17, 2010

You don’t really look forward to getting older, but as you reach a certain age, you think about it all the time. You get extremely selective about things you like and you don’t. You carefully choose what you want to do with your time. You feel the constant want to know more about more things while forgetting what you already know. You sleep early or at least try to, thinking you’d wake up early too. You ask bigger questions about the purpose of existence and meaning of life. You are happy, and you are terrified, and you are still in your 20s.

Being in this world, in this time, where change is constant, you just can’t help getting older. It is a part of nature. A never ending human experience.

Ripped/torn clothing has been in and out of fashion for decades but the last time it gained ground it had a better significance than before, probably because it was “reflecting recession,” in the sense – “poor state of economy = poor state of clothes.” No one wanted to look like they had money.So there were leggings, jeans, skirts & shorts – all slashed, mutilated but more expensive than before.
I wonder if most of the trends are born out of not caring. For example: the seams of the sweater in the photo above are coming off at the neck, and it is probably out of indifference or not having enough money to get it stitched or both.
Considering the unpredictability of fashion, I’m thinking if it’d become a trend some day for the top part of clothing as well, just as it did for bottoms. At the least, it could be argued, whether deliberate or not, the tearing of clothes, and the current state of the world economy are interestingly symbolic.

All Tibetan women are seen dressed up in long-sleeved shirts and striped aprons at the waist. According to the Tibetan custom, aprons are worn by women to indicate they are married. There are aprons in different colors, varying mostly in the sizes of the stripes. If a woman gets divorced or becomes a widow, she no longer wears an apron. Also, if observed, no Tibetan men wear rings or any other specific articles of clothing that indicate their marital status.

I am also wondering if old people worry about matters like – “So today I am going to the temple, and I should wear this black bowler hat with my brown walking stick, and canvas moccasins?”

Old folks of Dharamsala. Praying, turning beads between their fingers, counting; smiling at the unfamiliar, greeting the familiar; content; lost on the streets, and within selves.

Shortlisted in British Vogue

September 2, 2010

Last week, I made it to the Vogue UK fashion photography blog competition shortlist along with 60 other bloggers from all over the world.

Other features-
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Color Nymph by Neha Verma

September 1, 2010

Jessica M, 25 in Color Nymph

An idea for a campaign

August 15, 2010
I know this is a bit late. FCUK’s “the man” campaign was launched in February sometime asking men to man up. Few months ago, when i shot A free man this is what I wanted to do – create an analogy.

The purpose of this analogy is to present the idea of fashion brands hiring men like these as models, transforming them into aspirational figures inspired by the accounts of their difficult lives and in return providing them with an alternate source of income.

I am tired of looking at billboards with grinning celebrities. I think it would be fresh & different for fashion brands to deviate from the regular stuff that they are doing & have been doing for years. Using these men could bring some character and real life to their dull campaigns.

What if this does not work? Well..fear of failure is never a reason not to try something. Right?

“Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at.”

Here Comes the Umbrella

June 17, 2010
It was a long, cold, lonely winter, and it felt like it’d been there for years..but then out came the sun and The Beatles said, “it’s alright.” Smile returned to people’s faces. The sun shone, and people sipped lemonade, but when came the rain, people ran and hid their heads, and The Beatles said, “when it rains and shines, it’s just a state of mind.”

These photos were taken during the months of August, September, October in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala. It was considerably cold throughout. People looked happy when the sun shone, rain always brought with it a bit of gloominess, and life got colder with the dark winter fog.  Just a state of mind? I can’t be sure.
Meanwhile, the cost of these umbrellas remained unaffected, ranging from 60Rs. to 250Rs.

The blog makes it to a magazine.

April 8, 2010

Featured in fashion magazine Verve – 2010 April issue. Thank you Parmesh. And thank you Vir for being the news source.

Girls of summer.

April 8, 2010

Pooja,13. Lalita, 11. They were selling custom-made bracelets on a small spread-out on the pavement. A 20 minute long discussion involving a lot of appealing, promising not to sell photos to a newspaper(which they thought I’d do), showing them some photos of people on the camera I’d taken that day, and buying a 20 Rupee bracelet later- they agreed.
They got up and covered themselves up with their shawls. I felt awkward in asking them “not to” but I did. One agreed and one didn’t.