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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

April 24, 2011

Likes to read fiction, autobiographies, bills+ anything else that has text on it and is legible; likes to knit, paint, and collect shoes-  has about 110 pairs; likes to window shop at jewelry stores; loves Sushi & ghar ka khana- is a good cook; studied fine art at school and fashion design at Pearl Academy of Fashion; loves Delhi parks; is 5’10”; is currently reading The Ramayana Series by Ashok Banker; is formally trained in Bharatanatyam & Kathak; knows nothing about fashion blogs but promised to check the night we talked.

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I was an introvert at school..most of my time was spent either in the library or in the painting room. I also stood back in the line at school because I was the tallest. There is a connect? Anyway, it was ridiculous!

I like modeling because it allows me to travel..see new new people. I traveled to places like Ecuador, Zambia, Cannes..places I never thought I’d see.

I am biased about Delhi- was born and brought up there. I think it gives one more freedom and space. It is more culturally inclined. And the most you can sit in a jam is 45 minutes and not 2 hours.

I like the idea of modeling for personal doing it for a friend maybe. I have done it for 9 years now. After a point there’s everything you’ve done…challenges get over. So once you’re done with all that, and the moment it starts becoming a job, it’s time to move on. I would love to do something in design and art, not clothes. I’d like to get back to maybe studying art again. In a year I’m shifting base to LA.

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On the ramp
I’ve fallen many times! My worst fall was at Wills about 2 years ago. It was an acrylic ramp with rose petals and all. And I just fell. Many girls fell…it was like a chain reaction.
It always happens – one wrong step..ankle twist..stiletto comes off – you fall! People are used to watching it or are expecting it? Many in the audience find it hilarious…but it’s not. So you get up and walk on with a blank face or a smile. And later photographers ask each other did you get it? Did you get the fall? It’s no big deal.

Neha Kapur, 27.  Fashion model | Miss India ’06. She is mad about Tolkien, and her favorite film is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

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Stripey the shoe

March 30, 2010

Flat pumps
For 150Rupees from a stall with bamboo sticks on Hill Road, Bandra