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October 30, 2013

street style delhi

“One of my least favorite quotes, or outlooks on life has always been ‘go with the flow.’ I must admit, I’m hardly the most laid back person. In fact, many would attest to the fact that I’m a bit high strung, but I’ve never understood why you would want to give yourself so little power in your own life. Go With the Flow implies that you should allow yourself to be acted upon, whether you like the result or not. It’s an outlook I hate, but it’s one that I find myself slipping into this year as a senior. With the amount of work that all of us have its easy to let go of things and forget that you have a say in the matter. You can react, you are a human being who is in capable of thought and action. Remember to react.”

Kalpana. High school student/fashion blogger. Loves lists. Likes The Kooks. Blogs here.

Photographed in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi in 2012.



February 8, 2012

street style delhi

street style delhi india

Where did you grow up and how was your childhood like?
I was born and brought up in Kohima, Nagaland till I was 9 and then I spent the next 10 years of my life in a boarding school [The Assam Valley School]. We had our occasional holiday breaks but I’d say that I ‘grew up’  in school. I don’t really have the words to describe how my childhood was, but I can just put it like this — I wouldn’t mind going through the whole thing again.

What did you do during your holiday breaks?
Nothing much. I just relaxed at home and indulged in a lot of non-veg home food.

street fashion delhi india

Are you still taking photos from Sony Cyber-shot? And who takes your photos?
Nah. I am now using a Nikon D3100. My boyfriend takes most of my pictures but since he’s not in Delhi anymore, I guess I’ll have to ask my cousins or friends.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion delhi india

What do you miss about home(Kohima)?
Hills. Nice weather. And home food. And my dog.

Photographed in Outram Lines, New Delhi in Feb 2011.

Introducing Imsu

May 2, 2011

street fashion delhi india

Likes bad boys, loves Adele, watches everything on Star World, compromises on other household necessities to buy shoes, loves veg Wai-Wai, is immune to caffeine, Jack Johnson’s voice makes her all gooey.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion india

Imsu,20. Student/Fashion blogger


March 12, 2011

Oona(The Billet Doux)(update:she discontinued her blog), never eats breakfast because she gets up too late, starts her day with chips & chocolate tart from her college canteen; reads travel magazines and fashion blogs; hates rotis and green vegetables; misses her Swedish boyfriend, and the thunderstorms back in Assam; does not have an opinion about Chuck Palahniuk, likes dubstep, loves Abbey Lee Kershaw and anything Céline.

street fashion blog india

street fashion india

Photographed in Delhi.

Shortlisted in British Vogue

September 2, 2010

Last week, I made it to the Vogue UK fashion photography blog competition shortlist along with 60 other bloggers from all over the world.

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