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rodali | Delhi

March 3, 2019

street style delhi india

What makes you dance?
Definitely something with a funky bassline. I love a good beat and bassline.

What makes you happy?
Going out for a meal(I love pork and seafood), cooking for close friends and family, being able to create art with friends, cuddles, starry sky, sun bathing, and generally beach/hills chilling in the sun.

What’s the best and worst thing about where you are?
Best – having old friends and family in the same city as me; I love that there’s so many things to do in the city.
Worst – the filth in the air and the streets, also how rude & aggressive people can be here.

What kind of change would you like to see in the world)?
It would be great to see people being more empathetic to each other and nature. Less buildings, less trash, less cars. Decisions from higher up being made for good, not for greed.

photographed in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Sometimes when I’m too bored I count my steps while walking

July 11, 2017


_DSC5820Madhulika, 19. Model/Pianist.

What makes you dance?
Every Single Piece by Redondo & Bolier

What are you listening to at the moment?
Skeewhiff and the Charioteers and Julian Avila.

What’s your most used emoji?
Smiley with the tongue out on the side.

If not modelling, what would you be doing?
Maybe I would be a very punctual college going kid and play the piano as much I would love to. But I’m so glad I model. I can spend a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror. There’s no shame.


Delhi, April 2017.


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Gazi | bangalore

September 17, 2015

street style fashion bangalore india

Where are you from?
Budgam, Kashmir.

What do you do?
I am trying to figure my own way out through modeling. I also just completed a South Indian film called Sankarabharanam.

What kind of character are you playing?
A psycho killer.

What are you currently listening to?
Who loves the sun by Nu & Jo Ke

What was your last weekend like?
All days are same for me. I don’t differentiate. I like sleeping early as I have my yoga routine.

Where do you hang out in Bombay?
Barista. I spend a lot of time at the airports while traveling so at a few south Indian food joints there. I also like Banana Leaf.

Is it the one in Versova? I used to live around there.
Yeah. It’s the best area.

If you were not a model, what would you be?
I believe in helping so I would probably be a nurse. I used to be a nurse actually.


HSR Layout, Bangalore. 2014.


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Kanishtha Dhankhar | LFW

September 21, 2013

street style fashion week india

Kanishtha Dhankhar, 24. Miss India 2011.

Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August 2013.

Pallavi Singh

March 1, 2013

huemn lakme fashion week

huemn lakme fashion week

Pallavi Singh, 23 year old fashion model…has a pug called Angel, loves Mickey Rourke & Kate Moss, likes Ray’s pizzas & salad, would like to walk for Karl Lagerfeld, has been listening to Brand New Me on repeat, and is mad excited about walking the runway at LFW in March.
Is wearing Huemn in this photo. 
Photographed at Lakme Fashion Week in August ’12.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

August 26, 2011

street fashion india


Nijhum Nj Patra, 23. Fashion Model/Student…loves her blue sapphire hero cycle that now has a basket in front; prefers street shopping to mall shopping; has been listening to a lot of Adele; loves electro progressive; is reading The Collector; loves all animated films-Despicable Me & Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are her favourites; is in her final year of studying fashion at NIFT Bombay; dislikes people making her wait; is obsessed with the color green…and loves the smell of cocoa butter.

nijhum fashion model india

nijhum nj patra fashion model lakme fashion week

As a kid I was always leading-was the march past band leader, team captain of kho-kho/kabaddi teams..but really bad at basketball. I grew up in Duliajan in Assam..studied at St. Mary’s, Guwahati then moved to Bishop Cotton, Bangalore for final school years. My family grew up all scattered-my dad was in some other city, and my sister in another; we’d meet in 6 months.

First job
It was in 11th standard. I did this part-time job for some Aero India or Air-India Expo? I just had to stand and welcome people at the expo. I didn’t get paid much.

First fashion week.
LFW is the first time I’m doing something really big. I came through auditions..there were about 120 girls and being one of the selected few was a big boost. My dad came for my first show here and he was gleaming with pride. I could see it on his face.

What do you intend to do with your LFW earnings?
I plan to send my parents on a trip. My mom has been telling me about how beautiful Kashmir is. I’m not sure if it’d be safe to send them there…so maybe I’d pay them to come visit me. But this entire first salary goes to them.

ed hardy shoes

“Most I ever spent was on these Ed hardy shoes..they’re white..with lace tie-ups & fur in white panther on my feet. And I’ve put neon colored laces on them. Bought them for 18,000! Cheapest would be 100 bucks chappals from Linking Road.”

lakme fashion week

On a non-working day
I sleep! Or finish the pending college assignments.

nijhum patra design
Photo above: Nijhum’s own design.

Designer or a model?
I eventually want to be a fashion designer…but doing fashion weeks is a lot of fun. You get to know what happens designers, stylists, choreographers, models, and all other crew work together. It’s a big learning process. I love the spotlight..& clothes..& transforming myself in to the clothes…playing the part that I’m expected to play. Maybe I’d do modeling for a few years till the face & body stay….and then something else..

Modeling is what I love doing but I think I would make a better designer.  The collection I loved the most was Ruchika Sachdeva‘s Bodice. I’d love to own a piece from it.

Working out
I don’t work out or follow a beauty regime as such. This is where the grooming part comes. I probably need to start doing that.

nijhum nj patra indian fashion model

Staying alone
I’ve been staying alone for 1 and half years and I love my space. Best thing about staying alone is you can roam around naked in the house…and not really worry about the mess the mess is your own.

Food is brilliant. Traveling is a pain…since I stay in Kharghar. Street shopping is great too but I think it’s better in Delhi. Parties and music is good here..but not as good as Bangalore…but then Bangalore shuts by 11. I feel Bombay is the place to be if you want to learn something. This is where it all happens!
Hate the unexpected rains. Then there is this particular bombay smell – smell of fish and filth. Hate that!

Can you smell it now?
No. Now I can only smell hairspray.

Standing photos taken at Hyatt during LFW’11.

Surelee Joseph

June 13, 2011

surelee joseph fashion blog

Surelee Joseph, 24. Fashion Model. Likes dancing & Black Swan; house music & late nights; color black & Goa; colorful sneakers & dark/depressing stories; Kallol Datta and Anand Kabra. Loves pizzas and dark chocolate; Classic Milds & her friend Marvin. Likes Batman. Thinks Spiderman is a sissy superhero. Doesn’t like strawberry and most desserts. Is not much of a computer person…and only goes online for googling something, Facebook, or checking emails. Can’t drink anything else other than Vodka with Red Bull. Dislikes getting up in the morning, anything with wings, and science fiction.

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

Surelee grew up in Bombay, studied English Literature in college, and sort of started out  by doing a TV show – Remix – where she played the character of a tomboyish catholic orphan. The show ran on Star One for two years. Post that she started taking modeling seriously. Lakme Fashion Week was her first major modeling assignment, and has been modeling for about 3 years now.

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

surelee joseph indian fashion model

” It was difficult for me to get in the industry as there were a lot of girls and a fair deal of competition. I am still very insecure. I feel I haven’t done anything great for the fashion industry yet. Although, I feel, I have been accepted.”

Post modeling?
I’d like to get in to designing my own stuff. If I earn enough money then maybe hire a few tailors, and start my own boutique. This is what Marvin and I’ve vaguely planned to do so far.
I’d also like to study journalism and write for a magazine someday.

You read any fashion blogs?
Yours and Malini’s.

If not a model..
..then I’d be doing a regular boring day job.

One thing you’d never do..
A fair and lovely ad.

+ read about her typical day at LFW here – A model’s day at Fashion Week.

surelee joseph fashion model india

Runway photos from Manish Arora AW10, Paromita Banerjee AW10, Tokyo Eye SS11, Myoho SS11.

Rachel M Bayros

May 13, 2011 25 years old. Believes in Karma and loves idli/dosa. Thinks there is no film like Perfume. Loves her boyfriend; minimal electro + anything that’s above 140 bpm. Likes Deepak Chopra’s BuddhaTinu Verghis, and painting portraits. Wanted to be a teacher as a kid. Likes Rajesh Pratap Singh and Sabyasachi. Is inspired by Sapna Kumar and Lakshmi Menon. Has a close connection with nature and prefers simple basic things. Her mom is her best friend. Her first show was for Prasad Bidapa at 18 for 750 Rupees…and has, so far, done about 500+ shows.

rachel bayros fashion model india

I was, and have been a tomboy all my life. I tried to become ladylike in middle but I gave up. I grew up in an estate. Area around our house was vast, with mangroves all around, far away from the usual human intervention. My summer holidays were spent sitting on the trees, in my world, day-dreaming. That’s why I still connect to nature because I grew up in that kind of environment.
In high school I knew I wanted to be a model. My mom was a little confused if she was letting me make the right we fought a lot. But I was adamant about what I wanted to do, and she eventually supported me.

For about three and half years all I did was wake up late at 12, meet up with friends, start hopping pubs and places by it till we’d see people jogging at 5am…and then home. Those were my hay days. But now when I visit Bangalore, in 4 days everything gets dreary, people get drabby. Long ago one could walk in a coffee shop and make 5 new friends with complete strangers..but that sort of thing does not happen anymore.

fashion model rachey bayros

Modelling and dealing with superficiality.
I don’t fit the cookie-cut idea of a model. There’s nothing fair-skinned or doe-eyed about me. And I’m not trying to break or follow any conventions, or prove myself to anyone. So I just work towards absorbing as much as I can, doing what I feel is right for me, and living up to my own expectations.

I think one has to work from within. Forget about the superficiality and find something deeper. I don’t want to change anything about the way I look, and surviving in this industry starts with that kind of belief in yourself. My reasoning is that perfection is so subjective, that you’ll never be able to please everyone.
(above text via Ashita)

rachel bayros in sabyasachi

When I’m walking the runway, I feel like a queen. I am completely oblivious to what’s happening around me. I forget everything else. It gives me a high and I think it’s because I’m too passionate about it.
I have never really fallen on the ramp but have made really weird expressions you know? The kind of expressions you make when you think you’re about to fall..but you don’t really fall?

rachel bayros in sabyasachi

rachel bayros fashion model

Best thing to happen
I’d say exposure, not in terms of media, but in terms of life and experience. If I hadn’t done this I’d have probably been an introvert. Meeting so many people in different phases..being around many creative people..seeing, studying, accepting many things, experiencing all sorts of insecurities, the pretty and ugly side, watching people grow..back out..come back – all that helped me to mould myself through the years. I’d have never been exposed to all this if I wasn’t modeling.
For a long time I hadn’t accepted who I was. I was scared to accept the good bad ugly. I had too many ego issues. But not anymore. Before, saying sorry, was a big deal for me. Now I don’t mind apologizing

rachel bayros manish arora

rachel bayros manish arora

I’d model for maybe for 3-4 years more. I want to start a business on my own. I don’t know what exactly. Maybe textiles? Maybe start a Chai bar? A clothes line? I haven’t studied fashion but I could do it with a friend. I love handicrafts and artisans. I feel they deserve much more than what they get. I’d probably market them abroad. Help build a business for them considering I’m a part of that industry. Then I would love to write a book. More like a biography. Things I have learnt and experienced as a model, as a person, being in this industry. I’d also probably work at a social home by the time I am 35. I want modeling to be a part of my life but not define it.

Fashion blogs/Internet
I’ve no clue about fashion blogs. I rarely buy fashion magazines, and very rarely do anything that has anything to do with fashion. With internet I get bugged pretty quickly. I spend maximum 1 hour a day online and then I get bored.


rachel bayros

rachel bayros fashion model

Runway photos: Myoho SS11. Sabyasachi SS11. Paromita AW10Manish Arora AW10. Manish Malhotra SS11 at LFW.

Ashika Pratt

November 18, 2010

Ashika Pratt, 20. Fashion Model.
Is half Indian. Was spotted on the street by a scout in New Zealand. Her first job was a TVC for Glassons. Likes to run. Thinks understated is always better. Has tripped on the ramp, been caught in a long dress, and struggled in stilettos..thinks worst chore to do is hanging up clothes after washing and wants to invent a washing machine that also hangs up washed scared of big dogs and her cooking specialty is cup noodles.

Jacket – Dotti, New Zealand
Dress – Glassons


Ashika for Nandita Hirani(above) and Rajat K Tangri(below) at Lakme Fashion Week.