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woman carrying grass | dharamkot

December 24, 2017

street style dharamkot himachal pradesh india

street style dharamkot himachal pradesh india

Woman carrying grass.


Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh.


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Gaddi Woman

June 4, 2014

gaddi woman dancer street style india
Gaddi woman. Wedding dancer.

Photographed at a wedding in Dharamsala in November 2013.

Gaddi Women | Dharamsala

May 13, 2014

gaddi women himachal

gaddi women himachal
Gaddi women in McleodGanj main square.

Photographed in November 2013.

Indian Bride | Street Style Himachal

February 23, 2014

Indian wedding street style
Bride in Himachal Pradesh. According to local tradition, the bride keeps her face covered for three days.

Photographed at a wedding in a small village in Dharamshala in November 2013.