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atula | Nagaland

May 19, 2018

street style kohima nagaland

“Likes befriending everyone, collecting flowers, making raja mirchi pickles, and has a huge collection of mekhlas that her friend sends her from Mizoram.” – Asen


Young Chakhesang Naga Girls

August 20, 2015

street style nagaland india

Young Chakhesang Girls at the Hornbill Festival.

Kohima, Nagaland. December 2014.


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Young Chakhesang Naga Girl

December 8, 2014

chakhesang naga

street style india nagaland

Young Chakhesang Naga girl in traditional clothes.

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland. December 2014.

Chakhesang Naga | Naga Shawls

May 15, 2014

tetseo sisters fashion nagaland
Kuvelu Tetseo in Chi pi Khwu – the chief of chiefs’ shawl or the shawl of merit.

“Traditionally, it’s only to be worn by someone who has done something extraordinary or honorable.

In the old days, only a married couple who held the feast of merit for the entire village could wear this shawl. The rows of patterns are added in batches after consecutive feasts, and the embroidery on each set of patterns is stitched within a day before the sunset.

We wear it during our performances when we are representing our state or tribe. It generates curiosity and works as a conversation starter.”

Inputs from Mercy Tetseo.
Photographed at the night market in Kohima in December 2012.

Angami Man | Naga Shawls

May 13, 2014

street style nagaland
Angami Naga Man.

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival.

Konyak Naga Woman

January 23, 2014

street style nagaland

street style nagaland
Ethiel Konyak. Konyak Naga. Fashion model. Has a marijuana leaf tattooed on her arm. Wants to get into politics. Lives in Kohima.

Photographed at the Hornbill Festival in December 2012.

Konyak Naga Men

January 22, 2014

konyak naga hornbill street fashion
Konyak Naga men.

The word ‘Konyak’ is derived from ‘Kaonyak which means ‘blackhead’ or ‘human’. The connotation is that the look of human appears black with head black. Read more.

Photographed at the Hornbill Festival in 2012.