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Street Style India | V&A Musuem

July 15, 2019

street style wearabout manou V&A fabric of india

 wearabout blog manou V&A fabric of india

“Beyond the catwalk, the stylishness of ordinary people in everyday clothes is captured by the discerning eye of the photographer Manou. Taking images across India, his work shows the continued use of hand-made textiles in a regionally and socially diverse society. A selection of photographs taken from Manou’s streetstyle blog, Wearabout, closes the exhibition with a final reflection on the pervasive, and persistent, nature of hand-made Indian textiles.” – V&A Museum / Read more.


Some of my photos were part of the Fabric of India exhibition co-curated by Divia Patel & Rosemary Crill at the V&A London.

street fashion mumbai india

street fashion mumbai india

Suhani Pittie fabric of India

street fashion nagaland india

street fashion mumbai india

Loise Braganza fabric of India wearabout blog

street fashion rajasthan india

street fashion dharamsala india

street fashion nagaland india

street fashion dharamsala india

street fashion mumbai india

street fashion dharamsala india

street fashion shillong india

street fashion nagaland india

street fashion chennai india

street fashion ladakh india

street fashion mumbai india

street fashion rajasthan india

“Most striking of all are the images from the street-style photographer, Manou, showing Indian clothes today – one of many gestures that bring the show to life and turn the fabric of India into fashionable clothing.” – Suzy Menkes reviews Fabric of India

Photos from Bombay, Pushkar, West Bengal, Ladakh, Nagaland, Shillong, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh.

tara kelton | Bangalore

July 13, 2019

street fashion bangaloreWhat kind of music do you like and what are you currently listening to? My teenage band was The Fugees and my band crush was Take That. Right now it’s 22 by Taylor Swift on repeat.

What did you want to become as a kid? Popstar or a nurse. Actually when I was 5, at school, they asked us to draw who we wanted to be and I drew a nurse.

What’s your favourite place in Bangalore? Shopping malls and Center of Internet & Society.

How would you describe your style? Right now I am doing normcore. Are you writing that? Actually I just found out that I was doing normcore. Any more questions? It’s a narcissist’s dream.

Yeah, one last. Do you have any tips for self improvement? Smile more.

photographed in Bangalore, 2014


photo curation @ SouthAsia.Art

June 4, 2019

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Our next guest curator Manou is a photoblogger and runs the page @wearaboutblog. He has been traveling in and around India last 5 years. Manou's approach to photography is open eyed, direct and undiscriminating – like a child's view of the world. There is an impulse prompted by the fascination of seeing, embodied in the magnetism of his 'street-style' portraits and travel vignettes. Thematically his photographs are not necessarily grand in scale, they are intimate and based in subjective choice or poetics of reach. Amidst the rapid internationalization and industrialization of fashion and photography, his photographs help us canvas situated forms of self-work and self-dressing, they make us ask ourselves what it means to be dressed, styled and fashioned today in the south asian subcontinent. Manou's work previously has been featured in the New Yorker, V&A London, Museum at FIT New York, Die Zeit Magazin, VOGUE ELLE GQ Wallpaper* During his week on he will be sharing a bit of his process, and maybe some thoughts and excerpts from his journal. Most photos are straightforward and simple but they are still open to interpretation. Would like it to be interactive. If anyone has any thoughts or questions or wants to see more of something, please feel to write in comments or message directly.

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I’m here for a week or two.

indian bride | Rishikesh

March 27, 2019

indian bride

women taking photos at the beach with the full moon | Pondicherry

March 17, 2019

street style india street style india
full moon auroville india

rodali | Delhi

March 3, 2019

street style delhi india

What makes you dance?
Definitely something with a funky bassline. I love a good beat and bassline.

What makes you happy?
Going out for a meal(I love pork and seafood), cooking for close friends and family, being able to create art with friends, cuddles, starry sky, sun bathing, and generally beach/hills chilling in the sun.

What’s the best and worst thing about where you are?
Best – having old friends and family in the same city as me; I love that there’s so many things to do in the city.
Worst – the filth in the air and the streets, also how rude & aggressive people can be here.

What kind of change would you like to see in the world)?
It would be great to see people being more empathetic to each other and nature. Less buildings, less trash, less cars. Decisions from higher up being made for good, not for greed.

photographed in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

seldon for Untitled co

December 14, 2018

fashion blog mumbai india

man on street | Bombay

November 4, 2018

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#streetstyle #india

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tanya | Bombay

October 23, 2018

street style mumbai india

How would you describe your style?
My style usually consists of Betty Draper prints and graphic tees. Today’s outfit has a very diner girl vibe.

What’s your work at Grazia like?
It consists of writing about fashion in an academic and business sense. I love drawing parallels between daily life and consumer behaviour, finding out why people subconsciously dress the way they do and their mental and emotional processes behind it. I also write about lesser known designers and micro trends.

Which Indian designers are you following at the moment?
I love untitled co, urvashi kaur, eka, yavi, and 11:11.

What inspires you about Bombay?
I think the shutter speed energy of the city is curious because it can be absolutely overwhelming but also uplifting sometimes.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far?
Sometimes you really have to let go.

What’s your most used emoji?

What’s currently keeping you occupied?


Tanya Mehta | photographed in Bandra, Bombay


women in a procession | vrindavan

September 20, 2018

street style india vrindavan

street style india vrindavan

man on cycle | Tamil Nadu

September 12, 2018

Street Style VT Station | Mumbai

September 7, 2018

women carrying grass | Manali

August 25, 2018

fashion blog india wearabout fashion blog india wearabout fashion blog india wearabout

street god | Pushkar

August 22, 2018

priscilla | post fashion week delhi

June 11, 2018

street style delhi mizo aizawl india

“I am very outgoing, easy to talk to, and a good listener. I would like to consider myself as someone who doesn’t make distinctions based on people’s background and culture and that allows me to make personal connections with most people I meet.”

What kind of music are you into? I like hip hop, R&B, and I am currently listening to Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy.

— Priscilla from Aizawl, photographed post fashion week in Delhi.

Kim | delhi

June 3, 2018

street style india

street style india

How would you describe yourself?
>  happy vibe but few words and awkward around new people. And I smile alot

What makes you happy? (first few things that come to your mind)
> coffee, good bargain thrifted clothes, snuggling in on a rainy day, being productive at the end of the day

What bands/songs are you listening to at the moment?
> chet faker and milky chance

What kind of music makes you dance?
> electronic every time

List of things you love.
> my cat daeny, family and friends, good food and music

What’s your most used emoji?
> red heart ❤
> heart eyes emoji 😍
>water melon slice🍉

women at church | Aizawl

May 6, 2018

women at church aizawl mizoram

lir | fashion week

February 22, 2018

street style delhi fashion week india

street style delhi fashion week india

Likes old school music and gloomy weather. Currently listening to Skating Polly & Cults.


Maalavika & Shweta | mumbai

February 17, 2018

street style mumbai india

Asha & Sharon | mumbai

February 15, 2018

street fashion mumbai india

“We are coming from Onam celebrations at our college now on our way to hang at Sunlight Bar.”