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Kusa Khesoh

December 5, 2013

street style kohima nagaland

street style kohima nagaland
Kusa Khesoh, 22years old. Literature student. Lives in Kohima.

“I grew up in Phek district. I was there for 19 years then I moved here.

What I like about Kohima is shopping and an independent life. Every now and then I earn by working backstage for some designers. Most times I eat out at Big Bite or Ozone cafe. Sometimes I skip dinner and sometimes I have noodles and go to bed. It’s easy for me to live alone. Kohima is different from any other city. I am planning to move to Delhi next year to do my MA. If I don’t do my MA, I’ll probably work at a call centre. Otherwise, I’m interested in working as a stylist.

Alexander McQueen inspires me. I love his collections. In terms of attitude and appearance maybe Lady Gaga. I also love Rachel Zoe, Nidhi Jacob, & Anaita Shroff.

I spend my days taking photos for my blog and my lookbook. I love collecting vintage photos and clothes from uncles and aunts and like going to the thrift shops. I have a lot of bags, all from the streets. And vintage glasses. Thrift shops are at every corner in Kohima town. Best places for shopping are Sekho complex & open market at BOC junction.

I love Bon Iver, Morissey, Mumford & Sons, Laleh, The head and the heart. My favourite songs are Flume by Bon Iver & Some Die Young by Laleh.

The only thing I don’t like about Kohima is that it’s too cold.”

Photographed and interviewed in Kohima in December 2012

Himanshu Singh

May 14, 2013

street style mumbai india men

“Being an army kid, I grew up travelling around India — Delhi, Calcutta, Agartala, Shimla, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Pune (to name a few). I studied photography and film from Symbiosis, Pune. I juggle between commercial photography, theatre, and modelling.”

Fashion It intrigues me. I think it’s worth studying and observing on a day-to-day basis. Fashion habits can reveal so much about an individual or a society.

Style icons Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Margiela, Formichetti and Gaga, The Beatles, Annie Leibovitz, Andy Warhol. Why? Because they have all realized the potential of fashion and have communicated heavily through it.

Favorite film: Ordinary People

Bombay Bombay is elusive. It comforts me as much as it vexes me. I continue being here doing my thing and I think I like that.

Himanshu Singh. Lives and works in Bombay. Likes Glen Hansard and the Ballet Men. Photographed in Lower Parel, Bombay in April 2013.

Vibhash Sharma

April 28, 2013

vibhash sharma street fashion delhi india

Vibhash Sharma Phurailatpam, 20-something designer. From “the land of Jewels” Imphal. Lives & works in Delhi. Usually stitches his own clothes. Likes Margiela, Yohji, Modern Menswear by Hywel Davies, Singju, Oo-ty, rice, Ramen, boiled corn, smoked chicken Maggi, Notebook on cities & clothes, Amelie, Makoto Shinkai, Kurosawa, Lykke Li, Alex Turner… Has a thing for white shoes, paints them sometimes. Is listening to Princess Chelsea on repeat. Obsessed with post-its and tea. Loves Nutella.

How was growing up in Imphal like? 
Secluded. I was in my own world except for the occasional family gatherings. Growing up I got to witness a lot of bandhs/blockades, riots…

What’s the best/worst thing about Imphal?
The food, the cycle-rickshaw rides, Paona Bazaar, theatre, and of course the art & culture. // Insurgency, roads, power cuts.

Where do you buy your clothes from?
Saro, Paharganj, and when I’m in my home town, I shop from Ima market and Paona bazaar(or Paona international Market). Depends on how rich I am at that point of time.

It’s your birthday today and you just woke up. What did you do last night?
Dolly, Bini, and Smriti got me some lemon tart so I cut that because I didn’t wanna cut a cake.  A lot of unexpected people called me. I made milk tea for everyone at some point. My sister sent me an invisible pen because I like pens. There is a torch on the cap of the pen so when you put the light on you can read what you have written. She also sent an annoying card which had something sarcastic written with the same pen. Dolly and others also got me Oreo biscuits. Small stuff which I like. We were up till 6am..just sitting around..listening to music and singing Hiding Tonight.

Photographed on his way to work in Hauz Khas Village sometime in 2012.

Men in sequins

August 23, 2010
Men who surround themselves with pretty. The man who loves the feel of silk and the smell of flowers, the twirl of charming dresses and allure of eye shadow. The man who treads in his sister’s frock and wears his mom’s lipstick on his 8th birthday. The man who doesn’t have to snap open bras. He spends most of his money on candles & clothes. He is a home maker and has found the perfect white and blue chinese crockery set. These are some men wearing what they like..
Vir Shete, 19. Read about Vir here, here, here, and here.
Elton has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, World History and Political Science; has done odd jobs as a banker & Google Ad words coordinator; was a mega finalist at the 2003 SS music voice hunt (SS Music is like Mtv of the south)…and finally, after refusing to sing Tamil rap that would’ve led him to become a huge Tamil rap now a humble make-up artist and a hair stylist.
“Throughout my childhood, I felt I was horrid at everything but music, cooking, decor and language. So I always knew I’d end up doing something related to art and design. I used to paint oil on canvas but everything changed after a make-up artist friend introduced me to a talking canvas!


“When I was a kid, I would parade around the house in my mom’s scarf, blouse, high-heels, & make up and end up amusing or angering my family & relatives. I had a picture of me in that get up but I got rid of it when I was a bit older. It was too embarrassing.

During college days, I would mostly wear tight pants and would use my mom’s sewing machine to alter them myself. I was also paid to do the same for many of my classmates.”


“Another thing I was paid to do in college was – erase remarks from conduct sheets. My sister Samantha and I had a talent for scraping off remarks with a blade and an eraser. We would sit on our back bench and do all that for vada pavs, samosas & pepsi colas.”

My first paid job – It was when I was working in the back office for a gaming company – Ivy Comptech .They were having their annual awards called The Ivies. I was asked to do every single performer’s makeup and there were about ten acts in total. I ended up doing 23 girls’ makeup and hair. To top it all off, I was the last act. I sang the finale song – Elton John’s ‘Something about the way you look tonight.’
I got paid 500 rupees in all, along with a used kajal pencil, 2 semi-used lipsticks from Revlon, and 2 used Revlon foundations.

FCUK in my wardrobe.

When I was a teenager, I used to wear tee shirts with silly one-liners, bought by my friends and relatives from abroad. I would only want the ones with scandalous one-liners like “too busy to FCUK.”

It was a TOTAL LIE.


“I prefer women’s clothing due to the non-availability of my size, fit, and also because I feel more comfortable being androgynous. Also, what I shop depends on my mood. It’s like sometimes I love to sport a beard, other times-false eyelashes…but more the beard. At present, I like loose clothing and I think women’s clothing offers that without losing elegance.”


Elton has worked for Vogue, GQ, International Traveller, M, Marie Claire, Grazia and is excited about his first Hindi feature film ‘I Am’ directed by Onir that will release this September.

Click here to see some of his work.


Neville is 21, has a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and plans to do a post graduation in journalism or creative writing. He has been active in theatre since he was 16. He also occasionally blogs for Fashion tv here – Young and Stylish.

“The two biggest influences on my style are Elton and my friend Alisha. They both taught me to open my mind and dress the way I want to without worrying about what people think. They gave me the little extra boost in confidence that I needed. I think I bought my first pair of skinny jeans a good two years before I met Alisha and I didn’t have the guts to wear them until I met her.”

“I’m quite petite and most of the time I don’t find my size in the men’s range of most brands. I don’t like v-necks and sleeveless tops so I wouldn’t buy that from anywhere. However, if I like a tee I would buy it even if it happens to be from the women’s section.”

“The cheapest purchase I ever made was shoe laces. Ten bucks for a pair from the mochi down by my house. I’ve about 10 pairs of shoe laces. A neon green pair, a deep green pair, a purple pair, a double sided yellow and black pair, a red pair with black stars on it, a rainbow pair, and my personal favourite – white laces with glittery silver threads in them. They look gorgeous with just a little bit of shimmer – not too much to make it tacky or distasteful and not too little to make it go unnoticed.”

All clothes are from FCUK, Elton’s shoes are from MBK Mall, Bangkok for about 350Rs. Brooches are from SPLASH, Hyderabad for about 400-500Rs. Shoelaces in the picture are Neville’s.


This post was inspired by FCUK’s ‘The Man’ campaign..

An idea for a campaign

August 15, 2010
I know this is a bit late. FCUK’s “the man” campaign was launched in February sometime asking men to man up. Few months ago, when i shot A free man this is what I wanted to do – create an analogy.

The purpose of this analogy is to present the idea of fashion brands hiring men like these as models, transforming them into aspirational figures inspired by the accounts of their difficult lives and in return providing them with an alternate source of income.

I am tired of looking at billboards with grinning celebrities. I think it would be fresh & different for fashion brands to deviate from the regular stuff that they are doing & have been doing for years. Using these men could bring some character and real life to their dull campaigns.

What if this does not work? Well..fear of failure is never a reason not to try something. Right?

“Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at.”