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Loise | bombay

November 10, 2016

street style mumbai india

What are your worries at the moment?
My thesis, discrimination/prejudice, unequal rights, Trump.

List of things you love.
Bombay, Dress & Identity in India by Emma Tarlo, street dogs & cats, flowers, history and change, Blood Orange, reusing old clothes.

What are you currently listening to?
You Man – Birdcage.

What’s your most used emoji?
The happy face with heart eyes.

Mumbai. October 2012.
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Loise Braganza

February 12, 2012

street style mumbai india

street style mumbai india

Loise is 29… studied fashion design at Wigan & Leigh, Bombay. Is a freelance fashion stylist/designer + often collaborates with various artists who work with clothing and fashion + is working on her first design collection.

She works out of a small studio in Bandra. I am looking forward to documenting her work when I get back to Bombay. She is also one of the many people in a TVC( for Cobra beer) I did street casting for in November. More on that soon.

She picked up the top from somewhere in South Goa. “There was a nomad girl selling Rajasthani bags on the street. I asked her if she had anything else. She had two blouses and this was one of them. She said her grandma made it long ago and they don’t make clothes anymore.”

Photographed outside The Bagel Shop, Bandra, Bombay.

Cat Eyes

August 21, 2011

loise braganza fashion india

loise braganza lakme fashion week

Loise Braganza, 24. Fashion designer.. “the glasses are vintage (can not remember if I bought them or somebody gifted them to me), the dress is custom- made, tailored at Golden Boutique – cut taken from a 70’s fashion catalogue.