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sadhus on street | Rishikesh

November 29, 2017

street style fashion india rishikesh sadhus

Sadhus on street.


Rishikesh, 2017.


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big turban sadhu man

March 12, 2015

turban fashion street style india

Sadhu in all black and big turban. Biggest I’ve ever seen.

October 2014, Pushkar.


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dreadlock sadhus

November 10, 2014

street style rajasthan india

street style rajasthan india

Sadhus in dreadlocks.

October 2014. Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Dharamsala Sadhu

May 27, 2014

indian sadhu street
Shaivite Sadhu//follower of Shiva.

Photographed in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala in November 2013.

Pot Smoking Sadhu

April 25, 2013

street style india kasol trance

Photographed in the summer of 2012 at Moksha — one of the biggest trance festivals in Kasol(very unusual).

Right after I photographed him he hugged a middle-aged white woman and kissed her on her mouth like old friends meeting after long. Later, he offered me his joint & asked me if I got a good photo. He had a steady smile, an iPod, an old steel mug, and a lot of tobacco. He said he likes it here because everyone is happy & hashish is good.

Bom Shiva!