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Shoes, Stockings, and an Umbrella.

April 8, 2010
These shoes were going to a far off dark place for an unknown period of time, and I had them in my possession only for a day. Within five minutes of that dawning upon us, Karan & I decided what to buy, and we went on a 15 minute shopping spree on Hill road. We bought two pairs of stockings for 160Rs each and a pair of Leggings for 220Rs. Was it a decent bargain? I don’t know. I usually don’t buy leggings. We also bought two colorful combs for 10Rs each(which remain unused). Soon after that Karan confessed his love for umbrellas. He had two right there, locked up in his car. Greenie is from Hyper City for Rs. 250 while the rainbow is from Esprit for Rs. 900.
We were thinking more props. By next morning there were more.
Kismet is from Chandigarh, and was in Bombay for about 3 days. I am not sure. She was carrying only her traveling clothes and nothing fancy, or so she said. She came home by 1p.m. with these: “4  missing photos” . By 2p.m., we started shooting.

Shoes with open back – not a design element. The shoes were small for her.

Later, in my apartment, I found this hand-me-down tee(left behind by Ann- the other Ann) which I thought we could use, and we did. Now i am thinking of selling it. Till I don’t, it’ll grace this wall in my living room.

Kismet,27. Photographer. She has a sweet blog here  –

Shoes designed by Karan Berry.