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June 4, 2019

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Our next guest curator Manou is a photoblogger and runs the page @wearaboutblog. He has been traveling in and around India last 5 years. Manou's approach to photography is open eyed, direct and undiscriminating – like a child's view of the world. There is an impulse prompted by the fascination of seeing, embodied in the magnetism of his 'street-style' portraits and travel vignettes. Thematically his photographs are not necessarily grand in scale, they are intimate and based in subjective choice or poetics of reach. Amidst the rapid internationalization and industrialization of fashion and photography, his photographs help us canvas situated forms of self-work and self-dressing, they make us ask ourselves what it means to be dressed, styled and fashioned today in the south asian subcontinent. Manou's work previously has been featured in the New Yorker, V&A London, Museum at FIT New York, Die Zeit Magazin, VOGUE ELLE GQ Wallpaper* During his week on he will be sharing a bit of his process, and maybe some thoughts and excerpts from his journal. Most photos are straightforward and simple but they are still open to interpretation. Would like it to be interactive. If anyone has any thoughts or questions or wants to see more of something, please feel to write in comments or message directly.

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