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big turban sadhu man

March 12, 2015

turban fashion street style india

Sadhu in all black and big turban. Biggest I’ve ever seen.

October 2014, Pushkar.


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Polka dots & Peter Pan Collar

May 22, 2011

Polka dots & Peter Pan collar have been bloggers’ staples for the longest time. The collar keeps coming back on the runway, on the carpets, and on the wish list of men who are obsessed with polka dots. Meanwhile the dots have been everywhere from houses, to music videos, to insects….

Below, they can be seen together on a fashion blogger from Singapore; on a fashion blogger from Europe; in the Summer Collection of a London based fashion label-Dahlia; on an 18 year old art student from Wales, here.

peter pan + polka

polka+peter pan

dahlia londondahlia london

However, the point of all that I mentioned so far is that during my stay in Shillong this January, I photographed a girl wearing something similar….

kids street fashion india

kids street fashion india

..and I find it amazing how different people, from different classes of societies, from different countries, geographically and socially oblivious of the other, end up dressing the same.

The girl above works at a tea shop in Laitumkhrah, Shillong.

Color Blocked

May 8, 2011

color blocking trend

color blocking trend

color blocking trendcolor blocking

color blocking trend

color blocking trend

color blocking fashion blog

color blocking trend

color blocking trend india

color blocking trend indian fashion

color block

color blocking india fashion

color blocking

color blocking indian fashion

color blocking indian fashion

color blocking sky

color blocking trend

color blocked wall

color blocking

Orange wall & blue windows – school in AurovilleCarrot from D-Mart. Dairy wall in Versova. Bhakti from FrancePacman from The Wall Project. Shruti’s skirt and top from Zara. Beret & phone receiver from Chor Bazaar. Sky from ShillongGrass from Dharamsala. Runway photos from Shivan & Narresh’s Summer ’11 collection at LFW. Horse from a pony farm in Pune. Pipes & knobs on an under-construction building. Two year old dusk sky from Bombay. Blue green mini dumpsters from 7 Bungalows. ‘Aur’ from a Pushkar roof-top restaurant. Pot belly from Shillong.

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