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Kanika Subbiah | for Vogue India

October 21, 2017

street style chennaiKanika Subbiah, Entrepreneur. Loves rain, Lorde, and hiking.


Chennai, 2014.


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Tanvi Shah | for Vogue India

September 10, 2015

street style chennai

Tanvi Shah. Grammy winning musician / Designer. 

Tell me something about yourself?
I love being outdoors. I also surf. I am a little old school and still write letters with a fountain pen. I’m also the first Indian woman to have won a grammy.

How would you describe your style?
I’m usually very tomboyish and I love a good white shirt with blue jeans. I can also be totally glam.

Do you have any fashion icons?
Princess Diana and Queen Rania.

Who are your favourite artistes and musical inspirations?
Bobby McFerrin. Sade. R.D. Burman. Asha Bhosle. Gloria Estefan. Roberta Sa.

What are you currently listening to?
Dance by Ciara.


Photographed in Chennai for Vogue India.


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Social Anthropologist

November 30, 2011

Born in Sikkim (in a quaint village called Gayzing); raised in a gothic convent in Darjeeling run by Nepalese and Irish nuns; belted out Shakespeare facing the Himalayas, excelled in drama and flunked in math. Learnt very early to bite into lethal chillies with great aplomb; her Nepali blood can take the heat she says. Was fat as a kid but she preferred to be called chubby; hated cute. Hated dolls too. But was into golliwogs.

Studied B.A. Literature in LSR followed by M.A in Film Making at Jamia in Delhi. Her final student film was called “A Little Death”. It dealt with the nature of sexuality. It had no dialogues but cut to the Igor Stravinsky’s magnum opus “The Rite of Spring”. Worked at Discovery Channel. At some point discovered Fashion & Surrealism by Richard Martin which gave her a new direction..

bandana tewari

Self-funded her first few trips to international fashion weeks in London, Johannesburg, etc. Made copious amounts of  notes standing in the last row and got paid a measly 2000Rs. for each story….But the ghosts of Cecil Beaton, Sarte, Fellini, Coco Chanel, and Stravinsky protected her…

She hosted the first fashion programme on Indian TV called Simply Style. Also hosted the first fashion webisodes in India on lfwtv. She’s written a book that’s now translated in Marathi, Gujarati, and Italian called “A Little Guide to Italy”. Would like to write for an Indian newspaper one day; is a regular contributor to IHT and NYT. Her daily reads are Newsweek. New Yorker. Another Magazine. Economist. Moreintelligentlife(THE BEST). MumbaiBossBOF.

Has a nine year old daughter named Mai-rah (named after her favourite book Myra Breckinridge) whose appearance she compares to that of a cheeky street kid. Her favourite gift to her friends is the docu Century of Self. Can complete the Rubik cube in two minutes flat. Collects stones from historic places.

Calls Dorothy Parker her priestess of self-deprecation. Is single and happy. Wants to start her own blog once she reaches 5000 twitter followers

I flutter in many ways but I fly in none… The older I grow the truer it sounds.”
-Bandana Tewari. Lingering in the 30s. Fashion Director, Vogue India.

Socially awkward since 1985

June 9, 2011

Obsessed with LOLcats and Em cartoons, thinks Donald Duck is human, loves ravioli and her recently acquired pink brogues. Grew up in Calcutta, wanted to be a teacher when she was 8…her childhood was about GI Joes, playing cricket, and watching cheesy videos on MTV. Post studying journalism at the University of Westminster and various writing errands involving fashion features, subbing news, celeb gossip, beauty, teen suicides, Harper’s, Cosmo,…in London, now she writes for Loves anything digital, her new Macbook air, Wearabout, and cupcakes. You may call her Shrutters or Shoe.

shruti thacker vogue india
Shruti Thacker, 26. Editorial Consultant for

So those cheesy songs were?
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love & Can’t Touch This. The first song still bring backs many memories; it’s the cheesiest song ever, but it makes me smile.

What were you like as a kid?
I pronounced R as L. So ruler would be lulel. It was very sad.

When I was about 8, in class 2, I used to have a teacher – Mrs. Ganguly, I wanted to be exactly like her. This was pre-middle school when teachers are actually nice.  By middle school, I hated the whole concept of teaching…so I floated around a bit with ideas of designing till I realised I can’t sketch to save my life. At about 13, I applied for a short story contest just for the heck of it. Much to my surprise I won the first prize. That’s when I really started thinking about writing + my grand mom would always tell me I should be a storyteller.

and later?
I realized soon enough, story tellers don’t get paid a lot. So what combines writing and pays me decently? Journalism!  That’s when I decided I was going to be a journalist…but not floozy ones like me. I wanted to do news journalism. I studied political science, took up a course of International Journalism at Westminster which was headed by an ex-war correspondent. I wrote essays about wars & media. Then I graduated, somehow joined, and that’s when life took a whole new direction.

Post Westminster, you were in London for two more years. Where all did you work?
My first pay job was at Metro. It’s a free newspaper in London and I worked on their subbing desk. I would get paid 100quid for a day. The shift timing was pretty cool too, from 2pm to 8pm. Then I worked with various publications like, Daily Mail, Harper’s Bazaar,, Woman & Home, Halpern, CosmoGirl, Top of the Pops. Besides this I was also the news editor of my uni’s paper, and worked in some hospital radio for a little while which was kind of boring and scary.

Why did you come back to India?
I’m very close to my mom and her constantly asking me to come back for two years finally got to me.

What do you miss about London?
My friends..Stephanie, Jennifer, Meena, Poonam, Bima & Savi. Walking everywhere. Summer picnics. Da Paolo, Busaba Eathai, Wagamama, & Hakkasan. Brick Lane. Camden Town. Hampstead. Lavender cakes. Topshop. H&M…..

And about Calcutta?
Home and family. Also, food..particularly black daals. Being able to go out and eat at 4 a.m. Amazing corn on toast for breakfast, followed by assorted pastries, at Flurys. I used to go there for breakfast with my friends and was in love with its high ceilings, aging waiters, this entire old Calcutta feel..before it was refurbished and bastardised by commercialization.

Do you agree that fashion is much more evolved in London? How would you compare it to Bombay/Calcutta?
Yes. Fashion in London is very very accessible – you don’t necessary have to wear brands to be well dressed.You could shop from Primark and still be the most fashionable person in the room.

Since designer wear gets imitated by high street brands so much, I think people are more conscious of trends in general, and even if they aren’t, it’s perfectly okay for someone to wear their personality.

I also think people are less judgmental in London. Kind of live and let live attitude. It’s somewhat there in Bombay as well, but Calcutta is such a small city, everybody knows everything you do..they dissect everything you do…and that, in a way, restricts you.

Describe your work at
The sections I handle are Fashion, Blogs, Trends & Shopping, People and Parties. I love writing. I could write all the time. I think I’d be terribly depressed if I couldn’t write. And I love everything digital. combines the two and that’s what I like about my work.

Designers you like.. 
I like Anuj Sharma because he is one of the few people who designs what he believes in; Rahul Mishra for his complex processes and simple results; Sabyasachi Mukherjee for his magic with clothes; and Nachiket Barve because he makes happy clothes.

What are you reading these days?
Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami and my Twitter timeline.

pink brogues

It’s her birthday today. She’s turned 26. Happy Birthday to her.
Is dressed up in Zara. Brogues from Bugis street, Singapore. Post title stolen from her twitter description.

Also born today: Les PaulJohnny Depp, and Donald Duck.
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Hearts, Korean pop stars, Jil Sander, and shoes

March 21, 2011

edward lalrempuia

Childhood/growing up.
My childhood was pretty boring. Boarding school in the hills, blah blah blah. Last two years of high school I studied science(big mistake, huuuuge) then some God sent career counsellor guided me to the right path and here I am!!

First job…a part-time job at a call centre called GE while I was still in university. I got paid Rs. 7000 a month for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was pretty cool back in 2002.

A regular working day..
I don’t have a regular day. One day I could be running around like a headless chicken sourcing, or getting sunburned at some location, shooting, or just staring at the computer the whole day in my office.

A non-working day..
As boring as it sounds, l sleep mostly when I’m not working, or I hang with my dog, or go to the spa.

What inspires you and keeps you going?
There is no particular person or a thing that inspires me but to see all these amazing creative talents do amazing work in their respective fields really makes me want to do a better job at what I do. I love fashion. I enjoy beautiful clothes, feeling the fabrics, & admiring the workmanship. For me, amazing fashion on the streets, and to see a beautiful show is a wonderful experience, and hugely inspiring. In life, I think a mix of me, my friends, my job, and my dad, keeps me going.

You like? Hearts, Jil Sander, bright colours, Facebook, a good laugh, spring, Wearabout (and I’m not just saying it), dressing well, holding hands(strictly with lovers only), NYMag, Naga Cuisine, getting photographed, Modern Family, and a lot more things that I can’t think of right now.

and don’t like? Bad shoes, gate crashers, smelly feet, Delhi summers, Holi, Fat.

and absolutely LOVE? Korean pop stars, my Dad, my dog Baci, Lanvin, shoes, sushi, Abbey Lee Kershaw, French Vogue, Tim Walker, my job, youtube, my wonderful friends, travelling, fashion, my wonderful maid who sorts out my life everyday, my wonderful roomies who make life so much more wonderful,, and umm..did I mention shoes??


edward lalrempuia vogue delhi

Edward Lalrempuia, 28. Fashion Editor|Vogue India.

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Vir Shete|Interview

May 16, 2010
Vir usually wakes up around 12p.m., drinks hot coffee with a cigarette, relaxes with music(current favorite: Rihanna’s rude boy) or talks to a close friend till he is completely awake, spends the day hanging out with friends. Gets home usually by 10p.m. unless he is going out at night. Then, watches a film, talks to a few friends, or surfs the net. Sleeps 3a.m. However, if he had to go for an interview the next day, he probably would avoid doing some of that, and this is what he’d wear.
Shirt > United Colors Of Benetton
Pants > United Colors Of Benetton
Belt > Dolce&Gabbana
Tweed coat > Mango
Black broken leather shoes > Metro
Sunglasses > Prada
Suede bag > Sisley